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CREEPER WEED: Fact or Fiction?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by joepro, Nov 20, 2008.


    joepro Well-Known Member

    Maybe it was my misperceptions as a young man
    or maybe I was put into a suggestive state of mind
    but in any case, I remember buying creeper weed and it being just that.

    Is creeper weed real?:confused:
    ..There's no creeper strains, right?

    doctorRobert Well-Known Member

    whats creeper weed?

    Tippingpoint New Member

    man, i've smoked some shit that you couldn't feel for like 5 minutes, then when it kicked in i was fucking flying.
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    bigtittymilf Well-Known Member

    creeps up on ya when you least expect it. my old man and i had a similar conversation recently and came to the conclusion that creeper refers to the individual's level and duration of fucked-up-edness rather than any inherent quality in the buds. I.e., smoke a vaporizer and you will then know why they call it a creeper high.

    doctorRobert Well-Known Member

    oh once i had weed that hit me soft once then hit really hard in a few minutes

    ~MoE~ Well-Known Member

    yea i know what ur saying we have some shit like that in our town, take about 3/4 cones wait a few one min ur fine st8 as hell and then wow ur flying like the clouds

    loke Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if it's a strain or not but I smoke this kind often. It's a climbing surprise every time. I love it.

    Nvr2Stond Well-Known Member

    I dont think it is any particular strain, at least in my 30+ years of smoking ive never heard of a creeper strain. However i have smoked buds that you dont feel at all when first smoking, half hour in your stoned as hell. Good shit in my opinion.

    warble Well-Known Member

    IMO the creep effect has to do with the way the cannabis is cured. If it is cured with heat, it gets some of it decarboxylated and it changes the ratio of THC-COOH to THC. If from what I have read is true, that effects CBD and CBN ratios too. If it is just cured in ambient conditions, then most of it stays THC-COOH. I think the heat treated stuff has a creeper effect. I smoke a little of my larf buds that I dried out in the toaster-oven and it doesn't hit me too quick. I hit the buds that I dry in my closet, cure in jars and the effects hit instantly, but the high doesn't seem to last as long, or I just like smoking the slow dried stuff more.
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    Ganjapatya New Member

    It is real and I believe it to be a strain dependent trait. Perhaps curing in a certain way could get you the same results by altering the cannabinoid profile like @warble describes but from my experience you can get this effect just by the natural cannabinoid profile of certain strains.

    A few years ago I grew out a couple of UK Cheese Clones alongside a couple of clones of Chocolate Chunk. They were both dried and cured in the same environment and were grown with the same feeding schedules. The Chocolate Chunk creeped up on everyone that smoked it while the UK Cheese did not have any creeping effect to it at all.

    Some people did not care for the Chocolate Chunk because you would smoke it and think it wasn't very potent weed but about ten minutes later it would leave you feeling extremely couch locked and tired.

    ChingOwn Well-Known Member

    the purple cheese I just grew is creepy crawly, I dont know if it was the harvest time or what but when I first smoked I was like damn I fucked this shit up nothing is happening,,then 5-10 min later it had my by the tittie and wouldnt let go.
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Certain strains do have more of a creeper high. Some of the strain descriptions actually say as much in their write ups.
    I always found with super temp changes right after smoking its also more prevelant. Like if you duck outside in the winter to burn one your fine til you come back inside and warm up then whamo its hits.
    Might be something to the indica/sativa difference as well because i find a pure indica seems to hit me and take over quicker than a sativa which seems to take a few mins to boil the brain a bit.

    Yessica... Well-Known Member


    oldtimer54 Well-Known Member

    In my 40 plus years of smoking. I have encountered weed that would take its time slowly but methodically fucking you up to the point where you were... damn I'm stoned and its completely different than the 2 or 3 hit it and quit it weed. Where you knew almost immediately that this shit was powerful. Now that I vape occasionally it always creeps up on me..and when I say creep its like 15 or 20 minutes and by the time I realize I'm stoned.....I'm really stoned. That's just this oldtimers story !
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    come on man this is a thread from 2008
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    warble Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I didn't mean to comment on an old thread. I just wanted to know a little about creeper highs and thought some fresh eyes could help. My bad.
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