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Cream Of The Crop Genetics

Discussion in 'Organics' started by w89, Jan 3, 2013.


    w89 Member

    Hi Peeps, heres some info on a grow I just started,

    I've just popped 6 fem beans, I won them in a competition in WeedWorld Magazine few issues back, I got 15 seeds altogether but I planted the rest a few months ago, they are done and dusted now and I got left:

    2 x Skunk 1 X Afghan
    2 x Powerplant X Lavender
    2 x Northerlights X Belladonna

    I planted these in an organic potting mix with no nutes added, I watered these with an ACT, they popped above ground in 48 hours and they growing nice.

    I got some soil cooking at the mo which they will be potted up into when they need re-potting form 1ltr pots;
    1/3rd westlands organic potting soil(cheap shit)
    1/3rd homemade vermicompost, I just sieved the bedding with a 1/8th inch screen and used what came through.
    1/3rd perlite.

    I made 2 cuft of mix to this I added;
    2 cups of kelp
    1 cup fish,blood and bone
    1 cup of neem meal
    8 cups of volcanic rock dust

    I was just wondering If anyone else has grown these plants and if they got any pics?

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Didn't mean to screw up your wonderful thread.....

    w89 Member

    yeah I get what ya saying they are cheap and nasty, I don't usually grow fem beans either but I had no other beans about apart from some auto flowers that i bread couple years ago and didn't wanna grow them inside, this is just a test to see how I can grow in soil, my first time lol hydroponics is my thing but we will see

    w89 Member

    one thing that really grates on me tho, people posting stupid comments, that got nothing to do with what the thread is about, and then say "Never heard of them...... "

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Chill out dude......just trying to be funny. Sorry to screw up your wonderful thread.

    Cann Well-Known Member

    Soil mix looks nice - glad to see you're choosing organic soil over hydro :) I didn't realize this was your first soil grow...you had me fooled with your knowledge of organics haha...good work! Since you already know about Lumper a.k.a. Clackamascoot you're good to go...just start reading haha. I'll be around here...excited to see your ladies and help you out along the way. You got any pics? I got some Qrazy Train seeds that are a week old today :) its a good feeling

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