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Craigslist MMJ sellers, are they legit?

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by jljones, Jan 25, 2011.


    jljones Member

    All of the "You'll get scammed or robbed" stories about Craigslist, are the sellers of MMJ on there legit? Anyone that anyone trusts and can point me in the right direction?
  2. go to your local compassion club meeting.

    jljones Member

    Please expound on this. I am VERY new

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    Please people... Don't rely on Craigslist for getting marijuana, incredibly BAD idea.

    BoomerBloomer57 Well-Known Member


    MomaPug Active Member

    It's hit and miss. I have found a few clone strains on craig's I couldn't find elsewhere...and met some nice folks. Every plant so far has been as advertised. But it is a risk.
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    I'd say it's more of a risk for the seller than the buyer. I've had plenty of good experiences with craigslist I only look at adds with pics.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    the problem with clones is..... you never know what your really getting:sad:

    They can tell you its the cut your wanting....what it really is... who knows.

    When you get a cut... its usually that persons cut to that strain....might not be the original but a seed grown from a crossback to that strain... then cloned....every seed is different

    Another thing is PM ...you wont see it on Veg plants usually...but that particular disease can and will fuck a crop up as soon as you hit 2-3 week of flower

    incognegro999 Well-Known Member

    know I guy in seattle who used it for bud. guy pulled up in a bmw lol turns out hes medical and just sells the excess

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    Shit I got loads of clones i could sell ya....whatever strain you want I have ...atleast thats what i will tell ya....but what will you really getting... you wont know until your cropped out

    I wanted a cloned og plant and got a cloned bagseed plant in its place.....whos the wiser??? only the seller

    I went to the MMJ store to buy some Sour Diesel clones.....the owner didnt tell me it was cloned SD from seeds he grew from The Cali Connection seeds..... not the originall ECSD clone only strain...Sure its SD but not the real deal
    jimmy jones

    jimmy jones Active Member

    Yeah I wouldn't trust craigslist.

    714HB Member

    just got a clone off craigslist i have to admit i was a little sketched it reminded me of when i was younger for sure just not knowing who i was dealing with but it turns out he was legit showed me he's rec. papers and we talked for a bit i would suggest to always go to the dispensary i wont be going thru craigslist for mmj clones agin
    Grean Bear

    Grean Bear Member

    THC list "thclist.com"
  14. I bought from CL several times always hit and miss but on the west side of the mountains you got to work with what you can get.

    SevenHourWorkWeek Active Member

    I have bought, sold and traded spare medicine on CL many times. If you only respond to the ads that have pictures and phone numbers you should be ok. Call and talk with the seller to see if he is sketchy. Ask questions. If he talks like a gangsta, kid, bullshitter, or douchebag = pass. If the seller seems cool after the phone call, meet in a public location during the day time. Only bring enough cash for the transaction. I have got some killer deals on craigslist buds that would have sold for much more in dispensaries but I have also wasted time and pissed people off by not buying their beasters. Good luck.

    patkitkat Member

    not MMJ.. I've met 2 really great guys off CL. But As of today I got back into states and it's been months. After this post I looked online again and saw hardly any. Seems they went away drastically which sucks.. Cause I don't have a good provider until I get my card situation figured out. Only take how much $ u plan on 'donating' and be polite/discreet. Photos in adds only, make sure they don't sound like a HS dealer idiot, but actually legit.

    RMCG Active Member

    Try mmjclassifieds.org

    slk Well-Known Member

    Mr. Ganja[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][HR][/HR]Join Date Oct 2009Posts 1,264
    You nailed it, the rip offs go for the growers not the patients. I buy and sell too and 99 percent are up standing people I would stay in contact with and do.

    Find the growers they have good sht ​

    Wurd Member

    I have had great experiences w CL but once I was robbed by two armed, urban youths. If I were doing this again, I'd do some profiling and be armed. Just my 2 cents

    SevenHourWorkWeek Active Member

    You cannot legally be in possession of a firearm AND MMJ. Bad advice.

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