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Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by CHUCO, Jun 4, 2007.


    CHUCO Active Member

    Last night I found crack, Cuz a dealer trew it when the cops chased him. So I put it on my scale and I have about 3 ounces, so can anybody tell me the prices of crack in grams, and ounces, please

    UserFriendly New Member


    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    thats alot of crack

    AetvsDominvs Active Member

    If you smoke even a little bit of it, even just a little 10 rock, even just to make sure it's real, good, not poison, etc before you sell it - you will find that you very soon thereafter will have zero grams of crack to sell. It tends to evaporate into thin air as soon as the bags been opened.:mrgreen:

    way4too2high0 Well-Known Member

    mix it up with some baking soda...good way to get shot but hey, you can make money

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    That is sooooooo true! You'll find this out, by about 6am after trying it out.
    Its worth about $1100 an oz.


    Beaner Well-Known Member

    thats bullshit, baking soda is heavier than coke and seperates out when you cut lines, crack, or freebase, is made by mixing cocain, baking soda and water and heating it up, the baking soda frees the base from the acid form, making it smokable much the same way as meth, only much more harsh, and it crackles when it burns, hence the name, crack. it only takes about half a hit to be more blown than a gram of coke through the nose, but the comedown is soooo unbearable that you will be almost forced to take another hit, and another, becuase your tolerance doubles every time you do it. and crack is in rock form, wont mix with powders like baking soda without being painfully obvious.

    you got a lucky break, a 20 rock is about the size of a pencil erasor, a little smaller, though you really don't want to try that, the second you hit a ghetto with some rock you will get jumped or shot, those guys will do anything for it, and will know that you are out of your element. I knew a crack dealer once, they used to mess with the rock heads, make them do all kinds of sick degrading things for rock, ask yourself this, if a woman is willing to have sex with a dealers rottwieller for a 10 rock, what would she do if she knew you had a grands worth???? your best bet is to find a dealer and give it too him for dirt cheep, hopefully he will be so happy he wont just have his customers jump you and take it.
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    primeralives Well-Known Member

    dont try it, if its crack you can charge what ever you want for it, round here you can get feens to pay 50 for .3g 3 oz is 84 grams, that would be 12600 dollars, and thats using .33 grams not .3

    cnl491 Well-Known Member

    Crack Kills

    primeralives Well-Known Member

    yeah fuck crack. i stay far away from that shit, youll get time for just gram, and ive seen way to many feens to even think about smoking that shit

    Beaner Well-Known Member

    you mean fiends?

    matias2911 Well-Known Member

    I would rather smoke THIS crack....

    CHUCO Active Member

    Damb, so I have alot of money in my pocket, in the form of a rock, kool, I live in the ghetto, I know what feinds do for rocks. But im not stupid to go alone to a dope deal. I sell marijuana for a hobby, I guess I just got a brake.

    Well my scale says, 49.2 g / 1.72 oz

    but im rounding them off to: 50.0 g / 2.0 oz

    any suggestions on how much I should sell it?

    entropic Well-Known Member

    Get rid of as much as possible as quick as possible, not good to have that stuff laying around or be involved in multiple deals for it, multiple opportunities for things to go wrong, and the police don't treat crack anything like marijuana.

    muu232 Well-Known Member

    Don't help him sell crack... that shit only has one purpose and that is to ruin people's lives so greedy assholes can make money. Flush that shit and don't help fuck up your community. People spend money on crack instead of feeding their kids... do you really wanna be involved with that?
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    CHUCO Active Member

    Well ey, im on gang profile, so im considered a gangster. That means I can't get a job easly as you can. I need the money. Plus, im not selling it to the people who have families to support, Im selling it to those crack babies out on the street, you know the " homies ". Their already cracked out on other drugs. So I wouldnt even think about flushing that shit, you cant fuck up a community thats already fuckd up.

    muu232 Well-Known Member

    Well you definately aren't helping it... why be a part of the problem?

    Oh, and it isn't hard to get a job that doesn't do a background check...

    AzGrOw-N-sMoKe New Member

    idk about you but all jobs i tried for background check except lame backbreaking labor jobs....after doing this for awhile makin little money while slowley starving an going insane...makes that crack sale a whole lot easier...so i hear where you come from on the job thing..what i would do is sell it to one of your homies for a cheap price an wash your hands of the situation...but hey mabee you'll like sellin it an start dealin to the kids at school....peace an grow..

    BIGMIKE13 Well-Known Member

    :o :weed:

    420101 Well-Known Member

    trash it trow it its not worth your life or your ass in jail

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