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cow patty shrooms?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by wascaptain, Jul 29, 2012.


    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    we used to pick these back when i was a high schooler.

    i have a cow pasture next to me now, and it seems i dont see them growing anymore...i mean for the last 10ish years or so. is there something they putting in the cows feed to stop the shrooms?

    i do have a donkey and sheep, ive never seen shrooms in theres and believe me i check..lol


    srh88 Well-Known Member

    ive never heard of that.. people shroom hunt all the time, why not grow your own??
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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    i was kinda thinking of growing some, gunna check out some grows here and see if i understand. thx

    we used too make a tea from our cow patty shrooms, a good buzz for sure...speedy thou

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    browse the shroomery lots to learn man, really easy... cheap as hell and they finish fast

    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    well i found out i got shrooms growing out my sheep and donkeys poo. i wasnt looking in the shade area under the trees. yep they be growing in there. picked some and dried some.
    i wonder if i can take a few producing patties and go indoors with them?

    LoveSteakBlues Well-Known Member

    Just because they grow in doodoo doesn't mean they're the right kind. You could get very very unlucky.

    gaztron3030 Active Member

    there has to be spores present for them to grow in poo

    PuffinChronic Active Member

    Be very carefull when eating wild mushrooms, unless you are 150% certain you know what you're consuming DON'T ! If you start growing yourself today you could have the 'right' kind of fruit in no time. Much better then the alternative.

    I consider myself somewhat of an amateur mycologist if you have any questions on the subject I would be happy to help. The main thing you need to understand when it comes to mushroom production is that you're creating the perfect environment for mold to grow so everything you do has to be Extremely sterile. For the most part it isn't hard if you do your homework. read, read and read some more.

    www.shroomery.org and https://mycotopia.net are both excellent places to gain some knowledge.

    Hit me up if you have any questions.

    monkeybones Well-Known Member

    get an expert to identify the mushrooms if you don't want to end up in the hospital, or worse

    we're not just trying to scare you.

    realizing you're flooded with deadly neurotoxins instead of hallucinogens is a whole lot scarier i presume

    PuffinChronic Active Member

    And by expert he doesn't mean the town hippie lol... In all my years I've only ever met one person who I would trust his experience on the subject enough to eat wild shroomies. Experts are few and far between these days. Just reading imo isn't enough to go out into the cow field and start picking.

    Big shroom.jpeg big shroom.jpeg Cultivating yourself can be very rewarding ;)

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