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covering flowering plants outdoors?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by I2icho, Feb 22, 2013.


    I2icho Active Member

    Yes or No?

    Has anyone covered their plants while in flower to enhance flowering? Or does it make no difference at all?

    The reason I'm asking is that my girls don't get the full darkness they would be receiving if they were indoors (obviously), also there is light interruption from outside sources. Not sure if there are any adverse side effects.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Hey igive us a bit of details, light from the full moon won't hurt anything but a street light will you know, if they are flowering already then they will be ok.. But outdoor plants aren't quite as sensitive as indoor plants.. Anyway give us a bit more so we might help you better.
    As to adverse effects, trichs will stick and make sure the blanket is hair free, I used to cover my plants almost everynight when I grew through the winter

    markexpress Active Member

    If you're not worried about visibility, covering your plants outdoors at night can have many benefits. Just make sure that you are covering her every night, consistently. It will take a few days for her to get adjusted into the new light cycle and if its uninterrupted and consistent, will give great results. But if you miss the cover even for one night, it could reverse the plant into the previous cycle and slow the plants development. What I mean by that, is if its flowering and/or making buds - could affect the bud quality. When plants adjusts between light cycles its a big change for the plant.

    SenorBrownWater Well-Known Member

    covering with what? i would worry about ventilation and them molding out...

    I2icho Active Member

    Covering with a bed sheet at 6:30pm and removing it at 6:30am

    The place they sit they occasionally get a little light from an outdoor light on the pergola.

    The thing with covering im most concerned about is loosing 1.5 hrs in the evening from 6:30-8:00, I have read that buds don't necessarily need the most light?

    The 3 girls are 4-5 weeks into flower so at this stage it might not even be worth it.

    Any opinions?

    indcolts77 Active Member

    It doesn't matter, my girls got hit with a street light through its whole life and did just fine...i got 18oz of the best bud i've ever grown lol if they have been getting hit with outside sources for a significant amount of time just leave em....keeping them slightly warmer is the only benefit I see in covering at that point while risking other things

    If youre getting the light occasionally however i can see the benefits... like i said my girls got light from the street light from about 40ft away every night there whole lives...point is don't try n do too much, they adjust fairly well at first then just want to be kept happy

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