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Count Your Nodes

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by LGhost, Mar 25, 2011.


    LGhost Member

    I'm just looking for some stats. I know all plants won't be the same but...

    From bottom to top, how many sets of nodes did it take to see sexual maturity?

    LGhost Member

    could i get a guess if anything? just trying to see how close i am

    medicalsb420 Active Member

    you should see clearly defined sexual characteristics within 1-2 weeks after initiation of 12/12 light cycle (if indoors). outdoors - by late spring time... node count is irrelevant as far as I know.
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    i think i get what you're asking, but it really varies by strain. some strains have more nodes at 4 weeks than others, some strains take forever to show preflowers. but i'll do my best. my last veg round i had 2 kush x haze crosses vegging from seed, a pineapple chunk clone, 2 mk ultra, and a lemon skunk (both strains from seed). both the kush crosses showed sex around week 4 and had 7 nodes each. the lemon skunk grew a lot slower, so at 6 weeks it only had 4 nodes and finally showed hairs. the lemon skunk had been stressed to hell for some reason. the mk ultra both had 5 nodes, but one of them took an extra week to get there. the clone showed preflowers after 2 weeks of veg. as you can see, none of this was probably much help to you but i hope i at least demonstrated how widely this can vary. as long as the plant is healthy, there's no such thing as "taking too long" imo. it's just doing its thing.

    LGhost Member

    I've just started growing my first 2 plants both no name. They are slow growers due to the limted light out my floro set up but they are growing. I'm wanting to wait for maturity before switching light times but I won't have the light if they get too big so I may just switch the light cycle sooner. They are both past their 6th node. They are both over a month 1\2 old, I'd say 6-8 inches tall. You think they might be small growing strains? I feel like I might be keeping their roots too confined with their containers size but they do look healthy most of the time, they just run through water a lot quicker.

    How big of a deal is it if you don't wait for maturity to put them in flowering?

    bamfrivet Well-Known Member

    you can put them in 12/12 light cycle to flower from planting. It all depends on how big of a plant you want. Remember, when you switch over to 12/12 your plant is gonna grow 2 or 3 or 4 times as big depending on the genetics. If your worried about the plants getting to big look into LST, I've heard it works wonders

    weldergrowingreen Member

    some strains will show sex in veg too. my lemon skunk and amsterdam flame will shoot pre-flowers about 5-6 weeks into veg.

    weldergrowingreen Member

    try using some bushmaster for the strench. i used it on a crop before. apply it 1-2 weeks before 12-12 . it seemed like the nodes show growth but the plant didnt get nearly as tall. use very little.

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