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cotton candy grow.

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by NorthernCalifornia, Jun 7, 2011.


    NorthernCalifornia Well-Known Member

    Hi every1 I thought I would throw this grow up since I cant find much info on this strain. This is an old island strain that is a medical strain. :joint:
    If any1 has input on this strain or the grow please feel free to post.
    She is under 12/12 light period in a 20g pot hehehe.8 weeks to flower. sativa cross but mostly sativa.:peace: This is cotton candy strain and not cotton candy kush. Im sure they are diffrent? correct?
    -please feel free to post any and all info for this starin-
    Thanks! Happy growing.

    CONDITIONS:Under high powered flor. Smaller lights are all around this baby girl also.
    Temp ok
    Co2 producer
    Fans blow co2 up and back down.
    Federation seed genes
    Going to regenerate plant after harvest.

    ****An old Vancouver Island strain that originates from Afghani and Haze seed lines, recognized by the medical community for its pain relief without the drowsiness. Wonderful fragrance with an earthy flavor and long lasting high. The Cotton Candy will produce one ounce of dense bud per gallon of soil/root mass. The Cotton Candy has deep green leaves with a bushy growth structure that makes it almost as wide as it is tall. Known for its astringent qualities, the Cotton Candy has an extreme drying effect and it is recommended a glass of water or juice should be at hand while medicating. Flowering 8 weeks****

    NorthernCalifornia Well-Known Member

    *rsrv 4 pics*

    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    Haven't had any experience with cotton candy but I know it's from Federation seeds that is no longer operating. I have grew 2 or 3 of their strains now and have been very pleased with the results. Not sure what the exact lineage on these are, it's kind of a mystery.

    NorthernCalifornia Well-Known Member

    Rare strain hard to get a hold of. I have little info on it. But yea this came from federation seeds( so its a collectable then.... haha) Have herd some good reviews but time will only tell haha. But thanks for the input n check back n. :)

    ExtremeMetal43 Active Member

    the smoke and smell are top notch...friend had some a couple years back i thought it was a common strain but guess it isnt.

    NorthernCalifornia Well-Known Member

    Yea the smoke is great! i had some buds from a friends old SOG method and it smelt like cotton candy. with a fruity taste to it tho. (O ya and if your going to try to sea of green this strain i heard.... way to much to cut back every week so very high detail to SOG METHOD )

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