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Conspiracy Kush by Dioxide

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Jul 13, 2013.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    One of the surprising projects was the Obama Kush X Space Queen, Now yes it struck me as a dumb name but it a year of testing this cross performed incredibly well and is unlike anything I have ever smoked. Discriptions will be up Sunday but check this stinky New Indica dom hybrid out.


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    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    Dude that's absolutely sick! I really like the flower structure, nothing but straight nugs on that lady! Glad she passed the tga criteria!The last pic is my favorite.

    tags420 Well-Known Member

    I saw the samples at the cup and bought a pack on the spot. They had some beautiful color but even better was the crazy trichomes coverage. I'm excited to get popping.

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    Damn sub and tga crew your doing great work keep it up

    Chiefems Active Member

    Beautiful work. My personal favorite is space dawg though. Not to side track the thread but you got anything new going on with space dawg.

    nirvanabuzh Member

    Looks amazing!

    Are you still planning on releasing bubba x querkle?

    i only ask beacause they seem to be a mix of the same genetics.

    bubba, Urkel, and space queen.

    interested to see which combo turns out better

    SHvisitor Active Member

    If you dont like the name why not calling it "Colonial One" like the presidential ship in Battlestar galactica (Obama x Space queen), call it "Black Hole" if it's really indica dominant haha or Stardust. Sounds like a good one anyway :)

    Pacificplanter Active Member

    When I heard Conspiracy Kush I thought it might be Obama OG Kush x Jack the Ripper lol. The name makes a little more sense that way.

    MichiganGrows Active Member

    Nice work D

    SHvisitor Active Member

    Obama x Black Water hahaha

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    That looks like some fire

    whyblameus Active Member

    I love this strain. Started 4 seeds and got 2 females. Thought I had a female leaning towards each parent but both have very similar smell and taste. Kinda like pre98 bubba but sweeter.
    So i think the obama dominates this cross at least from what I got.
    Had a lot of issues and lost the clones of both females so I'm really glad its gonna be released soon.
    Both females were super frosty.

    The plants flowered in pretty hot temps and I used to much supersoil so there was no fade. They were super green still. I just wanted the grow to be over so I picked them at 55 days.was trying to go 63.
    I also had some pm problems and sprayed with nugbuckets recipe of baking soda, neem and soap. Which fried the pistols and also darkened the buds a brownish color.

    Even with all that the smoke is still better then 85% of what the dispenseries would sell for top shelf.

    Heres some dry nugs.
    20130711_231809.jpg 20130711_231426.jpg
    20130711_232830.jpg 20130711_232320.jpg
    Stu Toned

    Stu Toned Well-Known Member

    I was lucky enough to smoke two versions or phenos of Con Kush.. what amazing flavor and high,I cant say enough about the two..
    I was on cloud 9 when he handed me a 10 pack on the way out..I know he doesn't come here but again I say...THANKS Dioxide,I'm happy to call you a friend.
    I can't wait for these beans to pop..

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