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"Connoisseur's Choice ~ Epic Multi Journal from the Seed Freaks"

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by THESkunkMunkie, Oct 16, 2011.

    karmas a bitch

    karmas a bitch Well-Known Member

    Skunks on cz lately.

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    Did skunk ever finish his Firestarters from Sureshot (Casey Jones x The white), was really interest4ed in how those where smoke wise and grow wise.

    greengenez Well-Known Member

    He has a complete grow of it on cannazon.

    konagirl420 Well-Known Member

    Heheheehe the one seed I brought from Hawaii and name Funkie Munkie turned out Male, it is a beast of a plant but if someone doesn't claim it to breed with it soon gonna have to chop him :(

    matatan Active Member


    THESkunkMunkie Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I've been major busy the last few weeks with one thing and another but I'm back to get caught up with everyone.

    Here's a quick look at my latest mistress, Leia OG (skywalker og x stomper og) @ Day 60 of flowering


    I'm mostly over on the GGG forum these days as I'm working very close with the fellas there now >>> https://gagegreen.org/forum/index.php & I'm runnng the sub-forum/help desk over on Cannazon too >>> http://www.cannazon.net/web/
    But I will keep popping back over here when time allows, I've missed my RIU fam' :hug: And will catch up with you all soon.
    Stay Up!! :joint:

    THESkunkMunkie Well-Known Member

    It's not complete yet, tbh I had a major disaster and lost her and a few others to powdery mildew and never got to sample her... But I did take clones and I have another in flower now and will be continuing the log soon with this fresh run now the problems have been fixed and I'm clean and mould free.
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    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Sup skunk glad to see you around these parts again lol hows the testing going

    That leia looks daaank

    THESkunkMunkie Well-Known Member

    All my test logs are on the GG forum and CZ mate, still babies atm but GS x GS-OG was a roaring success and is being released very soon. There's a ton a of harvest pic's in the log too mate. 3 winning phenos outta 5 girls, this ones not to be missed.

    Grape Stomper x Stomper OG ~ Keepers

    ^^ P#5 (Black Grape)

    ^^ P#3 (Daisy.2)

    ^^ P#1 (Full on SourG)

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Hell yah skunk yah i should do some searching :)

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