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Connie Chung fem DNA smoke report.

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by protopipe1, Nov 27, 2009.


    protopipe1 Well-Known Member

    • Grew out 1 lady in a waterfarm, flowered for 8 weeks.
    • Harvested 3 ozs. of top buds.
    • Flavor-8/10-I have only been curing for 1 week, but these buds are potent already, and have a nice flavor, both on the inhale and exhale. With 2 more weeks cure I am sure it will taste even better.
    • Smell-8/10-A nice smelling plant, barely smelled her next to the OG KUSH.
    • Buzz-8.5/10-Nice all around hammer of a buzz, will get even better with another 2 weeks cure. I took 3 hits off my Molino glass pipe and I was almost forgot I was doing the smoke test!!!
    • Bag Appeal-9/10-Big buds, with nice trics that coat the baggy!
    I recommend this to all medi users, its a good pain relief and appetite stimulant, and not too trippy for socializing!

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    PushThaKush Member

    How long did you flower? looks yummy

    pluto420 Active Member

    I have a connie chung about 4 weeks into veg. Going to let her go a little longer to get some nice cuttings and then put into flower. I was excited to see your review. Look forward to adding my own if a few months. Any particular tips you can pass along after your grow?

    protopipe1 Well-Known Member

    Nothing really, was an easy grower, IMO. I had to end all four girls I had a good 2 weeks early, but I got lucky and they all turned out potent! I flowered the 4 girls under 1600 watts, and vegged only 2 weeks (that includes 1 week seedling mode). I had a first time aptartment inspection, so thats why I cut the whole grow cycyle down. pro

    justjoeking Member

    Good smoke report, I have 2 clones of Connie with about 3 weeks veg time from rooted clone.

    justjoeking Member

    What do yours look like a 4 weeks? I got pics of mine in my journal?

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