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Congress Just Gave Biotech Firms the Green Light to Ignore Court Orders

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by colonuggs, Jul 4, 2013.


    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    looks like evil monsanto is backed by the US government....on their way to world control of seeds


    Constiello Active Member


    I skimmed over the first part but then stopped

    People who argue against GMO...

    make them live around the horn of Africa, living off of the few local products that were seldom grown.

    The people there would fucking love seeds resistant to drought, bugs, etc.

    Also- the argument of "we don't know what will happen!" is stupid because we don't know two shits about EVERYTHING.
    It takes time and spent resources to fucking experiment with these kinds of things, therefore how may one find out if no conduct may be concluded?

    Hell. The guy who created the polio vac. didn't know what would happen to himself or future patients
    but no doubt your body has those vaccs.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    the sterile seeds they want to produce will cause a lot of problems...Do you want sterile marijuana seeds?

    some countries don't even want their seeds.... they burn shit up


    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Did you hear about that Monsanto wheat growing in Oregon? Turns out Monsanto developed a wheat that Roundup can't kill 10 years ago, before the experiment was stopped. Somehow it ended up in Oregon a few years ago., and nothing can stop it from spreading, not even napalm. It has this extensive root system that just won't die. This is one reason that that bill passed, because this is going to be a big problem for Monsanto, who claim it was sabotage. Well it could have been a problem, but not anymore. It is displacing native grasses , and already creating environmental issues, and supposedly it will just keep on spreading forever. Nice.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    yes I have..... they are also making the land sterile with the use of their seeds..... with no consequences thanks to our government

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    Europe learned a big lesson


    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    What's sad is that very few Americans watch what our elected leaders and heads of business do,and have done over the last 100 years, that have a negative effect on the population. What's even more sad is that when you try explaining what's going on, most Americans don't care, if they can still get cheap food and goods. They know we've been lied to, repeatedly, in the past by government and big business. They know that American and European govt and corps. have raped most other underdeveloped countries, which is why most of the world dislikes America, and for good reason. So I say fuck American government and the herds of sheep they are leading to slaughter.

    Im a 34YO white male born and raised in the USA. I have no remorse for my fellow Americans.

    GreenSummit Active Member

    if i didnt live so far from so many monsanto facilities they would have a lot of burnt down buildings and fields

    medicalguy508 New Member

    Ya well im from maine and these GMO seed have caused nothing but problems monsanto round up ready seeds have gotten into the water sources there and the aquatic animals have come just about extint never mind the drift of these seed contaminating other farmers crops then monsanto wants a cut from those farmers that never even planted GMO seed these seed are nothing but problems so before you go saying good things look at the facts and get some real knowledge about agriculture GMO seed are the worst things being produce look at all the farmers in india they cant control these seeds and are bankrupting farmers all over the world!!!

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    Japan Saves Wheat From Monsanto's Ruination

    By Rich Duprey | More Articles
    August 2, 2013 | Comments (2)

    With the news that Japan is once again accepting imports of U.S. wheat, the current crisis for farmers has passed; but the episode still exposes the risks to our food future posed by genetically modified seed.

    A number of Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, cut off imports of wheat grown in the U.S. northwest after an Oregon farmer found wheat plants that wouldn't die after being sprayed with Monsanto's (NYSE: MON ) powerful herbicide Roundup. Testing revealed it was a strain of wheat seed that had been experimentally modified by the chemicals giant under USDA supervision years before, and should either have been destroyed, or locked up tight in the regulatory agency's vaults. That it had apparently escaped into the wild set off alarm bells globally, and panic among farmers.

    Because wheat is typically ingested directly by humans, unlike corn or other crops that are also used for feed and other purposes, farmers have been reluctant to plant -- and consumers wary of buying -- the genetically modified grain. While there's no GM wheat grown anywhere, lab-altered seed accounts for 86% of the country's corn supply, more than 90% of our soy beans, and a major portion of our sugar beets. Half the country's sugar supply comes from sugar beets, and 95% of the seeds used are from Monsanto.

    Between Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta, the three companies control 53% of the world's seed production, and when you add in Bayer and Dow Chemical to the GM seed mix, their global control of the food supply is near complete.

    Thus, a lab-altered strain appearing in a U.S. wheat field in a region whose crops are raised primarily for export had serious implications. Yet, it's still unknown how the seed strain escaped supposedly secure government facilities in Colorado and made its way to an Oregon wheat field. It suggests that, while this crisis has past, a future calamity is still possible.

    Japan is one of the most important export markets for U.S. wheat, purchasing about $1 billion worth of the grain last year. They were already casting about, looking to buy wheat from other sources last month, the first time in 53 years that's happened. Its decision to resume purchasing from us is a relief to farmers in the middle of their harvest, and for those planning their plantings for next year.

    Despite assurances that genetically modified crops are safe, there is growing reluctance among consumers about actually eating them. It's one of the primary reasons the seed giants are strenuously opposed to GM labeling laws. They understand that, given a choice between GM foods and unaltered ones, consumers would choose the latter.

    Our wheat exports may be safe for now, despite the scare given us by Monsanto's experiments; but that's only until the next episode occurs, one we were assured couldn't happen even once.

    SeedlessRyda Active Member

    I have heard talk of this but damn now I realize the seriousness. I'm a be spreadin the word about these slimy snakes in the grass because shit ain't right. Nobody should have that much control over our nations food supply
    Sire Killem All

    Sire Killem All Well-Known Member

    Watch "Food INC" there is a whole part about monosomeshyt. they invented agent orange during Vietnam. now control the soy bean and put hundreds of farmers out of their farms and homes due to laws that allow for the patent of LIFE... WTF patent OF LIFE, you yes you can own your very own genetic code and market it and can hold all rights to it even after sold.

    if you haven't seen this then do yourself a favor and watch it only 10 minutes or so

    PurpleBuz Well-Known Member

    but I CAN breed my own. just keep it away from foreign pollen

    olylifter420 Well-Known Member

    go to a farmers market, get organically grown veggies with seeds in them and start your own seed program for yourself. at least thats what i would do under a greenhouse.

    TreeOfLiberty Well-Known Member

    I don't think it can be stopped, not at this point. I think the best preemptive measure you can take is start buying seeds of your favorite strains and have an extra grow box , grow tent, or grow space for breeding seed stock before the Federal law on marijuana is changed and it's looking like the Feds aren't going to resist as hard as I thought they were going to resist on changing marijuana laws. Monsanto will definitely put their genetic researchers on tampering with marijuana DNA when they see a new market on the horizon and the Fed laws change. It wouldn't surprise me if they already have been doing secret research and experiments on marijuana.

    Big corporate money is moving behind the scenes right now on taking over the recreational marijuana business and the way Monsanto has used seed patents before to protect and control their profits, they will eventually go after marijuana strains to control them. Just think how valuable your own home-bred heirloom marijuana seeds would be when Monsanto gets their hands into the coming legal marijuana market and creates marijuana strains that produce sterile seeds. If you have untampered seeds, you will have something of great value.

    It wouldn't be much of a surprise if behind the scenes Monsanto has cooked up a deal with the Feds and the pharmaceutical industry convincing them that marijuana legalization is inevitable and that they have all come up with a way to control and regulate a legal marijuana market with FrankenSeed genetics that are sterile and possibly even crossed with something else, addictive poppies maybe.

    Having your own home bred seed stock could be very valuable in the near future.
    El Tiberon

    El Tiberon Active Member

    After a week of violence in Colombia, the government has pulled out of the promises in the Free Trade Agreement that including Monsanto protection within the country. They basically told Monsanto and the US to fuck themselves as it relates to the language in the agreement. It was hurting the poor farmers and the people rose up against the government. After cops got killed and martial law had to be declared, they had no choice but to listen to the people.

    Perhaps the US citizens should grow a set of balls and learn how to protest the right way and force things to happen.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    Monsanto and the Medical Marijuana War...soon nationwide legalization

    As the largest producer of GMO plants, moving into medical marijuana may seem a logical next step for the agriculture giant.

    US labs already use strains of genetically modified cannabis for testing and research, and the growing demand for legally obtained medical marijuana is sure to spike in the near future.

    It looks like Monsanto is already ahead of the game due to their research into RNA interference.

    The company is investing millions of dollars into this new technology dubbed “RNAi.” With RNAi, it is possible to manipulate everything from the color of the plant to making the plant indigestible to insects. With marijuana, RNAi could be used to create larger, more potent plants effectively cornering the market and exceeding the legal demand for the plant.

    In Canada, this scenario is one step closer to becoming reality due to new laws that will allow large-scale growers to distribute their plants via mail order. The genetically manipulated marijuana may reach consumers sooner than thought possible due to these changes.

    While the company maintains that its products are safe for human consumption, it has been widely debated that this isn't truly the case. While moving into medical marijuana may be a winning move for Monsanto stockholders, it may also be a strong case of “buyer beware” for the end consumers of the product.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Un be lievable! What madness....makes me think the chem trails are a type of artificial pollen, or plant genetic altering chemical.... The us is truly insane!

    colatraine New Member

    Why don't we look at India and the BT cotton growers there? Monsanto is a monopoly on cotton seed there now and have contracts with the cotton growers. The BT cotton is not producing nearly as much as regular cotton seed and the farmers are not able to pay back the loans because of this. Many suicides have occurred because of this. Monopolies are real and a food production monopoly is the most dangerous.

    Most people against GMO's are not even in the USA, if you look at scientific studies outside the usa you will see much more critical analysis. Look at the revolving door between monsanto FDA and EPA. This is strictly business, if you believe that the really care about "feeding the world" (as they claim) then maybe naivety is something you will have to work on.

    Oh btw Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine did not want it patented I believe the actual quote was something like "could you patent the sun?". Monsanto is the complete opposite, as they patent everything they create, as well as litigate any farmer they can.


    LIBERTYCHICKEN Well-Known Member

    The trouble with that is GMO seeds do not have to be labbeled as such, many small farmers dont truely know what their growing , When small farmers save their own seeds , it almost all done by open polination , GMO feilds can contaminate feilds 1,000's of miles away with ease.

    GMO seed producers have tested some non-gmo crops and found a % do infact have GMO genes , The farmers were then sued and the farmers LOST , farmers that barely make ends meet in the first place

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