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Compressing Weed

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Budman10, Feb 23, 2008.


    Budman10 Active Member

    can someone PLEASE tell me how to compress the shake (pieces of weed broken off the nugget) back into a nugget to smoke in a bowl. in other i want to reform the broken down weed into a compressed bud to where it holds its form. your help is much appreciated

    smokinjs Well-Known Member

    just stick it the bowl and smoke it. it actually smokes better when its all broken up. much smoother. you cant just re create a nugget from shake lol sorry bro.
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    smokingbot Well-Known Member

    Why? Doesn't make sense.

    Budman10 Active Member

    another thing is im tha dude who has to hook his boys up so its better to give them nugs than the shake...you wudnt like it if some one sold you nothin but broken up weed would you? could you make a bunch of sugary thick syrupy water and put it on the weed and cram it together?

    250wpride Well-Known Member

    no not unless your trying to make some edibles

    smokinjs Well-Known Member

    hell no dude. that would destroy the real taste of the bud. unless you distribute cheap weed then hell no. thats all part of the game man....do you want it or not? thats all ya gotta say to them. cause theres always someone who is wanting to score some herb, fuck em take it or leave it.

    bigballin007 New Member


    You could always just discount the shit man. My hook up doubles the wieght when there is nothing but shake.

    But lol man I'm glad I don't get my shit from someone like you, next you'll be taking about glueing them back together, just fucking smoke em, or better yet give em to me I'll show you exactly what to do with that shiznity shake...

    Barrelhse Well-Known Member

    Entropy, or, Why the broken teacup doesn't reassemble itself.

    sal940 Active Member

    wat you can do is buy a CLAY EXTRUDER and put a dime in the bottom and start to twist it and the end result will be a look alike bud coin.

    Discolexic Well-Known Member

    OK you are LOCO!!!!!! Not trying to insult you but how long have you been smoking pot? Next you will ask if X-mas tree snow will pass as crystles. :wall:

    Landragon Well-Known Member

    Ok if I was your boy and you hooked me up with your little shake turds I'd be po'd. If your boys know you grow you don't piss them off. Take the shake save a while till you have several ounces, and make some bubble hash. If you can bear to part with it once you try it, it will make them infinitely happier.
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    hey actualy theres a guy on youtube who shows you exactly how to compress all your shake to look like decent buds , http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 i tried it and it looks really good , you could easily sell it as bud .

    Tryingtomastrkush Well-Known Member

    are you fuckin joking? what the fuck does it matter if its a nug.....im pretty sure when you have a nug you fuckin break it up to smoke it....are you fuckin 3 years old or what?

    damn that dumbass question really pissed me off how fuckin stupid can people be.......if you sell shake what the fuck does it matter.....a gram is a gram....shake or a nug its still a fuckin gram, in fact you probably get more if its shake because the little pieces dont weigh out as well on the cheap scales that most dealers have

    Landragon Well-Known Member

    Or you could sell bud as bud and not rip people off. Honesty and scruples go a long way to bringing in good karma.

    Edit : I am in no way infering you are dishonest or unscrupulous, just the practice you referred to.
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    yeah but those buds the guy makes on that link look proper dank ,

    Tryingtomastrkush Well-Known Member

    there must be something wrong with my computer but that link takes me to a video of a like 80s queer band

    jinmaster Well-Known Member

    Learn the internets, rickrolling is damn famous now!

    This is the most pointless request ive seen in about 3days. :clap:

    Landragon Well-Known Member

    Looks can be deceiving, and deceipt isn't my strong suit. There was a bud going round years back that became known as "kinda" bud. Looked phenomenal, loaded with crystals and smelt your whole house up in Tupperware. Tasted great. But it packed no punch. Like smoking roots. Not even a tinge of buzz.

    I put this practice in the same category from a consumers point. Either would annoy me to where I would reconsider that source on my next re-up. Sure the shake nugs will get you high and the knda won't, but trying to pass of shake as bud is dishonest.

    But take my word, any mishandling and compressing results in broken trichomes and oxidation. This leads to rapid terpene and cannibinoid degradation.

    Shake isn't worthless, but IMO it's not better or worth more when smooshed together.

    gregk Well-Known Member

    :leaf:to much attitude for potheads on this thread
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    You didnt click the link yet did you lol:wall:

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