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compost to soil ratio...

Discussion in 'Organics' started by harryCHRONICjr, Sep 2, 2009.


    harryCHRONICjr Member

    i plan on adding some homemade compost to my organic potting soil for my next grow.

    how much compost should i add to, say, a 5 gallon pot?

    z4qqqbs Well-Known Member

    half..........compost is good shit usually..just make sure the soil is phed and still drains very well......maybe add some more perlite as well

    grobofotwanky Well-Known Member

    I usually just add a couple heaping double handfuls. No need to measure.

    Ohsogreen Well-Known Member

    HarryChronicJr.... If your organic potting soil is light and fluffy (drains well) you can add well aged compost up to 50 percent. If not, add 20 to 30 percent compost, 10 to 20 percent peat moss or well rinsed coco fiber and 10 to 20 percent perlite.
    My old tried and true soil mix is 50 percent well aged compost, 20 percent peat moss or well rinsed coco fiber, 20 percent perlite and 10 percent worm castings.
    This mellow soil, is great for starting Mary, without any worries about nute burn. A simple mix to build on as you go. Easily beefed up later, with organic fertilizer teas, topdressing guanos or a combo of both.
    Hope this helps.....
    Keep it Real...Organic.....

    harryCHRONICjr Member

    nice! thanks ohsogreen!

    Ledhed Well-Known Member

    My first time even attempting a serious grow and I've used nothing but the dirt from the bottom of my compost pile. The compost itself is mainly grass clippings and leaves raked from fall. There are also banana peels, eggshells, watermelon rinds, and all sorts of other things you normally put in a compost pile. My plants are doing well, I think, had to pluck a few males when I first noticed them but the females all seem to be thriving. I have added no fertilizers or other nutrients of any kind but am now considering it after reading so many posts here that use them. I'm wondering what specifically to use to boost bud growth, approximate prices of such products, and whether I should really even bother. I'm not looking to sell, or get any huge quantities on my first real try at this, but it would be nice if I can actually harvest enough from my 10 or 12 plants to get me through winter. I've read so much on this great site, and learned a lot, but fear of the law prevents me from spending big money on lights, CO2 systems, and fans and filters. Mine is just a simple smoker's grow, started outside, have two nice females still in a pot on my deck, but the others I keep in my bathroom with the lights on. Have just switched to 12 on 12 off to try to boost flowering, but nothing real noticeable in the last 7-10 days. Wondering if maybe I should spend some money on something to speed up the process, maybe make thicker, juicier buds, or just let nature do what it does.

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