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    ounevinsmoke Active Member

    Anyone have pics of the one they use? I've been working on one a little over a year now and I still don't believe it is ready for me to use...
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    What kind of pile is it?
    A pix would be nice.
    Rising Moon

    Rising Moon Well-Known Member

    If you want to use your compost, it's best to have multiple piles. An active pile, and a cooking pile.

    It should only take a few months to turn food scraps and carbon into finished compost. Turn weekly, spray will AACT while you turn.

    Once you have a pile 3x3x3, cover it will peat moss or coco, and let it cook.

    If you keep adding to it, it will never be finished.

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