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Communication Problems all of a sudden. Help!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by surferdude99, Jul 18, 2013.


    surferdude99 Member

    Hey guys,
    I'm currently experiencing some difficulties with my speech and communication.
    Quick background, Im 21 years of age. I've been smoking weed on a daily basis for around 3.5 years. First 2 years I smoked a few hours before bedtime, the other year and a half its been all day, everyday.
    Only my close friends know I smoke, noone else does, I've kept it a secret.

    My symptoms include-

    -Difficulty speaking

    -Inability to organize thoughts and ideas(This has happened since I first started though, Feeling cloudy is a good way to describe it, But it is normal considering thc effects the memory.)

    -Problems with changes in tone, pitch or emphasis to express emotions, attitudes or subtle differences in meaning.
    The last one is the major issue.

    I sound stupid, like im sighing when talking and alot of people are noticing it. Literally every person i talk to can understand me, 20% of the time they'll say what? 100% of them look at me really funny and I know exactly what their thinking.
    I work tomorrow and im dreading it.
    I work with customer service, So dealing with people is a must.
    Its so embarressing when ppl, Especially the regulars who I've become friends with through the business. You know come into work which you have to serve and they look at you funny due to the fact I'm speaking "different" all of a sudden.

    Ive also noticed that when i get angry, I cant get angry, ill be fuming inside, but I literally cant get out how i want to sound without having a high pitched ending every sentence like im asking a question sound.
    It might sound funny, but its made me extremely self consious, and its effecting me so much its ridiculous!

    I thought that it might pass and just be one of those things, But 5 weeks later, I still have it. Nothing has changed.

    It happened a few days after me and my gf split up, It was last thing that I needed, and now, it seems stuck.

    I really need some experienced smokers to comment, or anyone else who has experienced something similar.
    Its truely ruining my life, Im not exagerating anything
    Please Help!

    surferdude99 Member

    Really sorry about the way its paragraphed. I posted this from my Iphone :/

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    See a doctor for medical advice not other dope smokers. Sounds like you need a good fuck, since you left your gf you haven't been getting any and now your voice is high pitched when your angry, im also picturing an oompa loompa.

    surferdude99 Member

    Yeh thats not an issue, I've never had a problem getting girls, I just can't go out like this, the girls I know will just think I've gone weird!
    Its like im sighing kinda when talking, its like dull thats expressive, If u get me.
    I dont't think you really understand.
    But thanks for the reply

    slowandsteady Well-Known Member

    I'd do what BUDS said see a doc could have a tumor pressing on an area. if he don't find anything easy up on the smoke to see what happens. Hope ya get this sorted out.

    surferdude99 Member

    Cheers for the reply
    I doubt its a tumor, well, i sure hope not.
    I took a two day break and it improved somewhat. I'm certain its just from too much weed over the last year. Just trying to see if others have experienced the same thing

    mr.maryj New Member

    dood just quit for a while ull feel ur mind come bck i smoke like an 8th a day and from time to time it gets sickning im in a fog all day cant talk socialy ackward quiet. but the day im of it i get energetic and social and can express my self very well compared to when im high and i cant keep i
    1n thought in my head....so just quit for like a week sometimes it makes u feel better trust me

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