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Commercial Growing

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Jesushasdreads, Nov 18, 2007.


    Jesushasdreads Well-Known Member

    This is something i don't really understand....i mean i know why there are commercial growers and i know it's about money and weight and all that....but im talking about the actual premise of the grow op itself. what kind of weed are they growing, and how are they growing it? Why is this pot so shitty compared to the chronic many of us are growing? i've seen people get some bag seeds out of some brown frown, mercial ass pot and grow nice plants with them....what went wrong for the dude who was growing the shit originally? why was his bud so shitty....he didn't care kuz he was selling it, but why not care for it and grow some dank nugz and sell those for 2 or 3 times what he charges for the schwag....i just don't get it...maybe someone can enlighten me on the commercial pot growing scene?

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    ts not like you can manicure 300 plants, you just compress into a'Brick', you are lucly if the fan leves aren't there. Would you sit out there with a pair of scissors?? VV

    scias Well-Known Member

    yeah these guys grow in bulk to sell for good prices. a friend of mine got some mexican brick weed for 500 an elbo. it wasnt bad, but certainly not the best there is. they probably just use some kinda landrace mexican strain. ive grown seeds out of bagseed that turned out well. you just have to care for the plants. sometimes, the genetics wont allow for a stupidgood end result, but more often than not, with proper care, youll get a better grow from bagseed than what you smoked

    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    also there are a lot more people who smoke commercial shit cuz they cant afford 20 a gram stuff so why spend way more money and hours growin 20 a gram shit when more then half the consumers want the 10 a gram shit! i understand that all weed should be cared for but im just playin devils advocate here, i see where there commin from! like vv said manicuring mad bud is a painstaking task it takes some man power and money for them to do that! so i see why we have so much shit out there! but if we all got together (growers of high grade 20 a gram stuff) and sold our shit for 10 a gram the market would change dramatically but so would a lot of other things!!!

    Jesushasdreads Well-Known Member

    i was thinking the same thing the other day originalstrain, but then the thought occurred to me that in order to do that you would have to convince alot of dealers to sell good pot for the price of mids, and they are money oriented....even if someone grows it, and sells him pounds for like 1000 of some chronic...he is just going to tax the shit out of people with it he might give them 40 an eighth or 50 prices instead of 60. Most people in this world are too concerned with money to be concerned with helping people in general.

    OH and i guess if i was dealing with 300 plants i wouldn't want to be the one manicuring all of them. I just think it is depressing that people take the time to grow weed that is below par... but imagine how much that dude could have made with 300 plants of some chrondo ass pot...enough to pay a couple buddies to pick up some scissors...fuck i'd help manicure that many plants if i knew he was going to smoke me out all day...

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Just thinking about a buddy of mine that used to "grow for dough$" and his stuff was tits! This was in the early 80's though. He was using bat shit and horse shit for growing skunk down south in TX. I never knew what his total yield was but he would sell me 2-3 kilos in 1/2 pound bags of finely cleaned and trimmed skunk buds. Some of it was donkey dick buds that were 2' long. I would guess he was turning out 500-1000 lbs a year and he got rich. He was always looking for help when it came time to manicure buds. I know he used illegals for much of it but he paid them well. Wonder why many of the commercial growers can't do that? Oh, that was the question huh?

    bryant228 Well-Known Member

    It has to do with mass production. Brick weed is grown just like any other commercial plant, with seed. When you plant 300-600 plants, you dont have time to "weed" out the males and females. They try, but miss some males or are too late. Thats why some brick weed is seedier then others. When a plant produces seeds, all the plants energy goes into producing that seed, not THC. In my area, good green bud is alittle harder to find because it is grown here illegaly, and you can only grow so much before taking the higher risk of getting caught. All "good" weed is Sinsemilla, meaning no seeds. If you grow sinsemilla from brick seeds, it will be some pretty good pot. Most of your green sticky sincemilla weed is local, and someone has taken alot of care in keeping it safe, and keeping thier ass safe. Plus, has less time to have the resin whiped off from transport. Brick weed is handled with little or no care at all. From the harvest, to the packaging. I used to have a buddy who worked on a mexican weed farm when he was real younge. He has some pretty good stories.

    homegrown2009 Active Member

    commerical grown pot is some of the dankest weed all that mexican crap is from mexico griwn oustide its crap thats why there in bricks when they ship it to the us a couple hundred plants of some ak 47 big bud and widow would be so easy to manage and take care of with all the right equipment you could literally never half to do anything besides mix the nutes but its gonna cost you round 20,000 but in 6 weeks you make over a 100,000 nice invesment just image being able to bring in over a 100 gs every 6 weeks

    bca21 Well-Known Member

    lol your funny..
    fat sam

    fat sam Well-Known Member

    its all in how its handled, if you took your bomb weed and left it to dry in the sun for a week then had some donkeys poop on it before you smashed it in to bricks and packed it in someones butt for the trip over here where you stored it in a canvas bag burried down by the river while it rains then you dig it up and have more donkeys poop on it then you sell it, thats why mexican weed will never take over, oh and commercial weed can be done right, i mean bc is sending down some decent stuff, a lot better than whats coming from the south

    Justinnnn Active Member

    in canada there is no dirty mexican weed

    its hard to get weed with seeds in it lolll

    there is some shitty outdoor once in a while but most dealers have some alright to good weed

    well probably not all of canada

    but in toronto the weed is nice

    ChinaB974 Active Member

    How come BC bud isn't as good as Cali bud?

    rubancinta Active Member

    No clue, but I had some of the shittiest weed when I went to Montreal. As for Cali, it's because we have all the dispensaries.

    IslandGreenGuy Well-Known Member

    true that.. I have had much more quality weed in Cali then I have had in Canada. But as a general rule, I would say that the u.s. has a shitload of crap weed and canada doesn't have hardly any brick or dirt weed. atleast I've never run across it before..

    chriswil Member

    I have grown marijuana for years and it always turns out good.I forgot to say I grow outdoors.One year I grew some and did not have a place to dry it so I dried it out in the sun.It turned brown and tasted very bad.I belive that they dry it out in the sun and that is why it is so bad.

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