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Commercial Grow Operation Setup,Need Help With Ventilation

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by TheBudTender12, Aug 3, 2012.


    OLD DUDE Active Member

    If I were you, I would say screw the grow and resell the fuel!!!

    TheBudTender12 Member

    also there is a lot of investors involved so all that cost is covered..

    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    A 60 kw would burn around 60 gallons a day. Here that would be almost 300 each. So $2600 a day. Thats 260000 spent befor harvest. Oil changes every 3 weeks. Let's take that to 300,000. Then your 3 phase bill. So even befor the first bud is drying you spent well over a million bucks. Amd how are you going to pay the crop keepers? How many people are you going to have trimming? There will be no time for them to do both. So I'd guess you would have 20-40 people working. I can't think of 20 freinds and family I would trust with that. So how are you going to handle security? People are killed over a few plants all over the world. So if your not already working with a drug lord this won't last and how are you going to move all that? I could keep going but I'm going to stop right there. That's a pipedream. If motors a bad idea. There isn't 1 place in the world that will let you do that. You will get shut down fast. Ether by the law or the local druglords. Well druglords will let you harvest first. So they don't have to spend the money to finish there new free weed.

    ScoobyDoobyDoo Well-Known Member

    this is insane. gotta be a joke. 370 x 600w lights. i'll give you $10,000 cash if you set this room up and send me a picture of it. seriously. it would be worth it to me. you're going to spend:

    $240,000 8 x 60kW Generators
    $70,000 370 x 600w Ballasts
    $30,000 370 x 600w Bulbs
    $30,000 370 Hoods
    $100,000 Wiring, Controllers, Transfer Switches, Load Centers, Breakers, etc...
    $200,000 Pots, Fans, Construction, Soil, Nutrients, Dehus, A/C's, etc...

    $750,000 minumum in my opinion. unless you got all this stuff just sitting in your garage. lol. this has to be a joke. seriously bro...$10k

    Total.Hydroponic.Control Active Member

    I'll settle just to see pictures of the piles of equipment....

    Besides every great point scooby just made... there is no way you can calculate the risk of the "human factor".... the number of people that will be required to make this operation succeed is nothing short of staggering... along the way someone's lips will slip, and your multimillion dollar ship will sink.

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    I remember I used to give you shit about what you said your room was... I hope this is real it would be the shit.

    CashCrops Well-Known Member


    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    im so ghetto i could bring it down 100,000 a cartel would love me im thrifty as fuck. i could never buy brand new shit from the manufacturer that too much you would see me at the next factory foreclosure :)

    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    I would just take the 1.5 million startup cash and run. I would have fewer people trying to kill me. Move down by scooby and fish all day and live like a king.

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    if you have access to this kind of stuff why risk it with growing. You have the inventory already for a chain of grow shops.

    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    The op said he has investors. There going to get ripped off in the end so I would just do it from the start. I would never think of growing that big. But I would think about blue waters and a cold drink in 1 hand and a fishing poll in the other

    ScoobyDoobyDoo Well-Known Member

    you're a wiley one poly but no way are you doing it for $100k. :-P

    ScoobyDoobyDoo Well-Known Member

    those were the days huh wordz? i remember when you copied my avatar and had a user name that was 1 letter off from mine. that is still the best troll move i've ever seen. i was salty as fuck at you. :lol:
    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    @ OP, the only problem i see with your grow is u have 8 foot tall celings and your going to be flowering
    in 30 gallon buckets/bags. u might not have enough height.

    if your operation is where i think it is thats a great idea. did u bring it to them? or did they come to u?
    whos behind this shit Puffy?

    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    Me and a few mods did that on a car forum. We all had copy accounts of all mods. Turned into a game. When we figured out who was realy who that account was deleted. Last person with a fake account got new rims. I didn't win. But lasted a few weeks.

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    Do not believe OP. No pics of previous grows. Gigantic, $750,000 BS flag is waving. 5 THOUSAND plants and you're asking about ventilation? Really? That should be the least of your concerns.

    IF this was even remotely legit. I would 100% run a linked hydro setup. Makes growing that many plants a breeze. Also, if you have investors and none of you know how to vent the room you designed. I think it's time you guys take that money and invest in something a bit more legit.

    KT420 Active Member

    Seems silly to be using adjust-a-wings. You should be going vert in a room that size and with only 8' ceilings. I would just run sheet metal ducting with air return vents above every vert bulb. and soil? this can't be real...

    WeeGogs Active Member

    hope you are using a false proxy, dhcp, dns and mac address to hide your internet access gps co-ordinates. if the cops are desperate they can even pinpoint a stolen mobile internet dongle to within a few metres.
    and never ever take pictures with a gps phone like an i-phone. it will store and pinpoint the exact gps location of the picture.

    or like me you use a virgin media cable cloned modem a motorola sb4200 works best with hacked software.

    and....you know all this but you dont know how to set up a fucking cooling phase.

    i am presuming you are in the countryside and have money to burn or easy access to equipment and materials.

    buy or hire a 13-16 ton excavator.

    i am presuming you are in the countryside.

    dig a 120 yard track 5 feet deep with a 3 foot bucket, from the side of your building (it wont take long).

    lay a ribbed plastic drainage pipe with drainage holes 2 feet in diameter the full length of the dug track 20 yards from your building.

    lay a solid drain pipe from the holed drainage pipe to your building the last 20 yards.

    cover the top of the pipe with a "terram geosynthetic material" (google it) to stop silt and dirt entering through the holes in the top of the pipe, (it is like a blanket filter).

    now cover the top of the pipe with 2.5 feet of 20mm stone ballast.

    cover 3 inches with 10mm stone ballast. and cover the last few inches with a good rough drainage soil.

    and spread evenly over the lay of the land.
    now dig under the foundations of your buiding and make sure the pipe is almost under the concrete foundation.

    now take a 1.5 ton mini digger in to the building and dig down at the exact spot on the other side of the wall where your pipe is.

    dig a track and open it up and extend the pipe in, you now have access to the best fucking air cooling trench on the planet.

    you will have to adapt your own skills to get all your ducts to leak in to this pipe making sure there are no leaks back in to the grow building.
    and remember the low track can fill with water so seal it properly.

    it will probably cost you over 5 figures as a diy but whats a few bucks for freedom and a sleep at night.

    i could do it for you but hey..... i would want in on the act.

    you will need to use a shit load of 6 inch fans to cool those air cooled lights. WINK.

    even if the dug track fills with water it will just bubble away under the surface.
    but use a good sized auto water pump to keep the track empty every time it rains the pump will kick in and throw the water down the drain.

    make sure there are no very high power electric cables near your dig where the electric company could be sniffing around with a helicopter and with a heat seeking camera checking their cables for heat and arcing as they will spot it and wonder what the fuck it is.

    if they did spot it they should dismis it as a warm underground sewer or spring as they have no underground high power cables in this area.

    and they are normally 6 feet down and usually just bang when theres a problem.

    Magic Rabbit

    Magic Rabbit Member

    Someone has huge balls.....

    400wattsallday Active Member

    Like 2 2ton ac units 1 mini split pre room. lots of fans. the amount of heat ur going 2 create is going be ridiculous .

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