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Colorado MMJ Friendly Landlords Please REad!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Aredrik, Mar 7, 2010.


    Aredrik Member

    My family of myself ,wife and 4 kids are looking for a rental property out in the country with no or very few neighbors where we can grow for our patients.We need at a 3-5 bedroom home for the family plus a grow area ,whether it be a basement ,garages,outbuilding,converted rooms,greenhouse ,etc.We are not just looking to get in a get rich.We want to make it a family business that actually helps the sick and at the same time make a better life for my kids.Our plan at this moment is to get patients and grow their meds at no to low cost depending on their financial needs and sell the excess to local dispensaries.We are very homebody people who have very few friends ,we do not drink or party at all.We are very family oriented and just desire a chance to live a nice quiet life helping others and raising our kids.I have been recently ladi off here in NC and there are absolutley no jobs to be found here.I know there are more in the Denver area and besides that within 3 months I will be making enough money to support my family and provide the mmj community with quality meds. We are passionate family oriented people who are looking for the right affordable nice home that we will be able to accomplish our goals with. Please PM me as soon as possible and I willl give you contact info so that we can talk in person. Thank you for your time.
    [email protected]

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    I wish you the very best but CO is working on legislation that will change the rules (I'm in Denver) so don't count on making a living at it just yet

    lvtokerr Active Member

    I am also pretty sure you cannot legally sell to dispensaries. Dispensaries can only buy from other dispensaries that have license numbers. Every mmj transaction is recorded and emailed/faxed to the state.
    Irie Genetics

    Irie Genetics Active Member

    Unless you're already here up and running you are gonna have a hard time getting patients and making a market for yourself. It's not as easy as show up, grow dope and have an outlet for your product. We are FLOOED with DANK ASS HERBS on every corner. Everyone is growing. Herb is cheap and abundant. Everyone has a favorite weed guy or dispensary and our favorite specific strains. We already know what we are gonna buy when we walk into the shop... A Quarter OZ of Raskal OG and 2 grams of Kosher Kush Wax.
    You won't be able to sell anything to dispensaries. There is a law called the 70/30 law and it involves the MMED(Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division), a branch of the IRS. Everything sold in a dispensary must be grown by the dispensary or an OPC(Optional Prem Cultivation) that is closely monitored by cameras connected to the MMED via internet. As for being a caregiver, there are laws about not making a profit from you limit of 5 patients. You can only have 1 caregiver per address so your household is limited to 6 MMJ cards total. Be careful on your decision moving your family for the green rush. There are also residency laws to consider.
    Irie Genetics

    Irie Genetics Active Member

    It's all done thru the cash register.The cash register is connected to a computer that sends everything directly to the MMED. It tracks every transaction and links it to the specific patient.
    Every gram is in inventory or "Manifested". The MMED can come in at any time and check the manifest. They weigh EVERY NUGG and EVERY piece of hash and count every plant and edible in the facility. The shops, grows and security rooms are all covered with 24hour cameras that the MMED can activate and monitor and some have audio.
    I miss the good ol days when a guy could grow a pound of herb and walk into a shop and leave with $4,000. Those were the good ol' days!

    balactus Active Member

    Well that sad to hear, a friend of mine moved out there a couple months ago and now shes a pothead. She didnt like smoking and getting high until she moved there. Sucks they are trying to change that.
    Irie Genetics

    Irie Genetics Active Member

    It wont change anything for patients, only the way dispensaries and grows are monitored.

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