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Cold temperature effect on THC concentration.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by hashED, May 12, 2008.


    hashED Active Member

    Hi folks,

    A complete newbie here looking for some guidance. I recently started my grow project roughly ~3-4 months ago so that the California march ~12 hour light cycle could induce flowering. Thank goodness it work! They are flowering but unfortunately the weather is a bit sporadic ranging from sunny days to pre-june gloom conditions. I recorded the temperature last night at 58 degrees F. The plants are beginning to show signs of stress (yellowing of the leaves) and irregular leaf developent. I'm wondering if the cold nights will affect THC production. Should I bring them in at night and prune the yellowing leaves? Here are some pics.

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    warfare Well-Known Member

    for the first question no cold will not affect the thc level.. but i can effect the size of your buds... and for the yellowing of the leaves this could be a couple things.. ie not ebnought water light problems nut problems ect.... i do cut of the deing leaves when they are 50% or more damaged

    Diknuts Well-Known Member

    What kind of soil you using? Just curious.

    hashED Active Member


    caltootall Active Member

    Your plants look great. I'm over here in the Bay and i started two Blue Cheese plants in march. one stopped growing afew weeks from seed so i pulled it. I've been concerned about the low temps in the 40's. My plant is about 73 days from seed and 23 days into forced flowering. i have been covering it with a garbage can because there are to many light factors at night. i have pruned the fuck out of the fan leaves thats why it looks so thin. u can look at my photo gallery to see the growth.

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    hashED Active Member


    Nice looking plant! I'm currently 30 days into the flowering stage with no signs of amber trichs. I imagine your environmental conditions are a bit cooler than mine. How are your buds looking any trich production?


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