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COLD COLD COLD ---- Survival of the fittest

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by GodsPredeces0r, Sep 16, 2010.


    GodsPredeces0r Active Member

    I have 4 plants that are about 5 months old and just started flowering late August.
    Out temperatures last week and all of this week are getting colder and colder going from 67-high . 40-low
    Plants are 3 weeks into flowering as of right now.
    And are master kush strain.

    i had a couple questions.

    - Will a Plant survive freezing temperatures (for how long) ?
    - Will growing a plant outdoors for a long period of time help it get used to its natural surroundings and finish on time as the winter months come ?
    any other useful information that might be able help me harvest and proclaim my prize that i have been tending to and loving for all this time, i would appreciate it.

    Thank YOu

    GodsPredeces0r Active Member


    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    no a plant will not survive below freezing. when the water inside the cells vacuoles freezes it destroys the plants structural integrity, this is why they wilt and turn black. however they will survive all the way down to just about freezing, just with a very slowed growth rate.

    perkie Active Member

    alright dude they should be fine up to your first frost. like the feller said above they will just slow down abit but will be fill till then. whens your first frost in ur area?

    Kphlash Member

    Ya dude, no worries, Cold brings out nice colors, amsterdam grows outdoors and they have seriously cold falls. if its a sativa it will be slowed more so than an indica. I keep my indoor room like 65-70day and 45-50 night. so your outdoor temps are nice. sorry for the late reply, just popped up on related posts.

    plantsinpants Well-Known Member

    im in northern canada and my babes survived 4-5 frosts up to now and showing minimal rot, it all depends on the strain and how accute the frost is

    ukjw Active Member

    i had a few light frosts with no issues

    Bighill Active Member

    Really depends on the strain. A good number of plants can handle light frosts. I just took down some that i had to shake snow off of. A few brown fans but the buds were still good to go.

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    your plant will be able to take the cold.. indicas do better then sativas in general... but a big ass sativa plant will take some forst has well... has long has the temps warm up in the day wich they usually do you will be fine.... you wanna worry more when your night temps rech 28 or below... thats when the real damage starys... 32 degrese may only hurt some of your leaves a little.. if even that... but a few degrease colder and shit can get real bad... bring them in at night if ya can, or cover them with plastic during the night... even a layer of mulch under the plant and around the main stalk will help insulate it from the cold

    hymem Well-Known Member

    They should be fine just dont let them fall below the Spunkin Line for too long......

    Holy shit I just realized this post is three months old! So how did they do?

    dab420 Member

    I have had plants under the lights at night in an outbuilding with temps in the outbuilding of around 40 degrees and there was never any kind of issue. I am sure that even down to 32 degrees they wouldn't have any trouble but this is mainly because of the lights heating up the core of the plants. I have always been afraid to let the fan's get too high when it is cold in there but when I think back to the orange farms as a kid my family had HUUUGGGEEE fans that would keep the trees moving on cold nights so that they could not completely freeze. Maybe you could just put a fan outside on them... or a couple fans... I wouldn't take my word on that but it is something to look into. Ive seen it done with fruit crops all the time.

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