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Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by vertnugs, Jul 4, 2017.


    vertnugs Member

    A section dedicated to coco would be great.

    Any and all info here on coco is spread through out the site.One spot for coco growers would be helpful.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Too many sub forums has proven not to work
    People will refuse to use said sub section over more over popular ones where they get notified

    vertnugs Member


    Okie dokie

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    sorry mate it isnt that the idea isnt good its just it never works out how we want

    vertnugs Member

    Hey sunni.

    I was here for a while bout 8 or 9 yrs ago.Has RIU had a coco section since then?

    What exactly are you referring to by "never works out how we want" if i may ask?

    I understand having multiple sub forums can be hectic for the staff.Trying to keep things in their appropriate sections can be frustrating.

    I just figured with the amount of new growers here a dedicated section would be helpful...to new and not new growers.

    Thanks for responding anywhoo.

    Oh...one more request.....veggie burger recipes would be cool.;)Forrealz

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    We have noticed when we create new sub forums no one wants to use them because regular members won't go in there to help

    It's really not about staff having to organize it's about the members refusing to use new sub sections

    Since the majority of users only use the main sections people who use newer subforums will request the staff to move it to a more popular location

    They just don't get used

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