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Coco Flush

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by Dirtyeyeball, Sep 23, 2013.


    Dirtyeyeball New Member

    Is it better to use straight 7.0 RO water for the flush on coco

    Dirtyeyeball New Member

    Anyone use coco in here? Using it for 6+ months & I'm having a hard time with the flush. Is 7.0 good becuase I use 5.8 during week 1-7 depending on the flowering time

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    From what I have read, coco buffers a bit differently that other mediums, I would buffer it within a point or 2 of what I intend to grow at. I am in coco and everything I do is centered on 5.8 and I am having an awesome time with it. I added about 100ppm of cal mag to the RO rinse the first go around. 7 is a bad number in the world of weed as far as I know. Stick from 5.5 to 6.1, closer to 5.8 seems to work well.

    Peace and Great Grows


    Dirtyeyeball New Member

    Something has to give then. I've used 5.8 through the whole process & someone recently told me they use 7.0 for the flush. I've done everything from 5.8 straight water for 2 weeks to Canazyme and overdrive. For some reason if 6.7 can be good for clones then their isn't a reason for me to believe 7.0 wouldn't work for a flush

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    I never flushed coco. There was no reason since I fed properly.

    Dirtyeyeball New Member

    I wish I was as good as you, but I was asking for specifics. Canna nutes don't count either

    justanotherbozo Well-Known Member

    ...don't overthink it bro, if you're at the end then just do your flush and don't sweat the ph so much, ...you're at the end anyway so just do it and be done with it.

    peace, bozo

    Dirtyeyeball New Member

    So your sayin just straight RO will do?
    Cool thanks

    mrecio87 Active Member

    You can flush with whatever you like but I do recommend re buffering the coco back to 5.8 immediately after flushing salts. I hand water coco at no more than 1EC to 20% runoff and dont get any crazy buildup but will "flush" with a PHd low strength solution once in a while to be safe.

    jayfury Active Member

    Just Flush it with PH'd water... You PH'd it all thru the grow, might as well do the same on the flush... You could use a flushing agent like Final Phase twice, then water once and be done with it.... Thats what I do...

    superjet Well-Known Member

    if you are flushing at the very end of flower and trying to clear salts or drop the ppms, it DOES NOT MATTER what the ph is (within reason)! you are NOT trying to get the plant to uptake any more nutrients right? think about it, the ph range is more about the uptake (the plant taking IN) certain nutrients/minerals and avoiding lockouts, not the flush at the very end. I flush the last 3-5 days maybe even a week depending on how hard I fed them, with nothing but ro water that has a ph just above 7. and i'm not even going to brag about how "badass" my plants are, but they are! hahahaha.

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    From all that I have read and researched, I see no benefit to altering the ph from what is was maintained at during the normal feeding cycle. You simply want to bring the plants down off of the massive induced feeding and coast them to a stop, not cause any undue stress. I am flushing as we speak and I have had mine at 380ppm for 5 days, The next 2 days will be just ph'd water at about 220ppm.

    Plants do not get the proverbial nutrient "rug" jerked out from underneath them in the wild, albeit they are not getting a 1k ppm diet either...lol. Ease them down and keep the ph right,and they respond equally as well doing so in a grow room environment.

    Peace and Great Grows


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