COB grow amnisia, cheese, sugar something

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    So had these freebies and started them up prob a month ago except 2 that are ~2 weeks.

    I have done a few grows so far. Did well at first but never great. Plan to practice and take more care this grow as have GTH#1 next and want to do it right.

    Slow start but doing good now.

    Started in MG seed starter that was crap. Now in FFHF with FFOF at bottom ~2in. Using cob led setup i made. One in pic is veg setup. Flower setup is larger.

    Hard well water at the moment and using Jack's 20/10/20 very lightly.

    Was about to top but stem is so thick idk.

    3-5 pic is suposedly amnesia 8 and 6 thru 8 is sugar something...

    So top or just bend and maybe top later...? Stem looks too fat for clone so could top and toss it...

    Had cloner ready to try out be never used, only done clonex in jiffy pots or seed starter. Dont really care if coles succeeded but if topping going to use cloer for practice.

    Please post, as any help is appreciated.

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    All seem to look ok. I topped every plant. A few leaves on one of the younger plants has spotting. A couple weird leaves a few of the others. Will prob bend a few some more and water the light ones. Most still feel heavy...dont wanter over water as feel i may have even thou its been days.

    BL multi tester came but idk how to use. Will just do light dose of jacks in the ones that feel light and need water.

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    So far clones are all still alive. My first try with this so we will see...

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    Made hempy buckets and transplanted everything. All have chunky perlite in bottom about half inch past hole. 7/16 hole at about a gallon which is ckiser to 3in though i know every howto says 2in from bottom but i went off video that showed to drill at 1 gallon. We will see if this is too high.
    8 I did in Canna Terra last night before i relized it was not coco.
    Last 5 i did today in Canna Coco. All are perlite mix half way up and then pure terra or coco the rest of the way which is basically surrounding gallon transplant which is soil.
    All filled with water to runoff, some flushed more than others.
    Tap watered the ones in terra and light nute PHed to 5.8 watered the ones in th coco. 1/4 teaspoon jacks citrus in 1 gallon for all 5 as will be a while before roots reach bottom.

    BL tester arrived and seems i may need to filter water or RO or something as EC 0.5 or 300ppm on 500 scale. PH is 6.9 so need to ph all water from now on to reduce to 5.8-6.0.

    I will also have to figure out how to deal with runoff but for now things look good.

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    Yes things do look good. Nice work!
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