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co2 tank questions

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by SelfSupplied, Oct 15, 2008.


    SelfSupplied Well-Known Member

    I'm working on getting a co2 tank for my room. Currently I'm using the ole' sugar and yeast co2 production but plan to upgrade to a tank and valve asap.

    So, my question is how big of a co2 tank do I need for a 6x6 room? Do I need some specific kind of valve? I'm kind of out in the dark about what I need, so hopefully I can get some help.


    NoDrama Well-Known Member


    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    To do it *correctly* you need a ppm controler. Guessing ain't the best route.
    There is the calc as a sticky here, but it doesn't account for what the plant(s) sucks up or leaks in the room.

    Room should be spot on. Lights, temp, humidity, proven grows. (keep in mind, venting fans are off while CO2 is on, so monitor the temps with the vent fans off before going to CO2)

    A basic controller will be about $400

    The regulator/flow meter another $40-$100
    Valve (might get in the above) but $20-100.

    A 20lb tank or 50lb tank. (My local shop won't sell a 50lber, only rent them. So I bought a 20lb'er) Then about $15-20 to refill.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    I've heard some many different values for how long a tank lasts. A week to a few grows. I think McLovin goes through then pretty fast.

    I'd love to just snatch one from work, but thats a $400+ bottle. (high grade CO2)

    SelfSupplied Well-Known Member

    I'm only growing 4 plants. My bloom tent is only 3x3, and my veg box is 3x2.5. How much co2 do I need for these rooms really? Wouldn't a 10 pound tank last me one grow? Do I need co2 in the veg room, too, or just bloom?

    Again, co2 is a pretty new concept to me. I've been growing with out it but lately have been reading how helpful it is to a heavier harvest and have become very interested.

    I don't mind dropping a few hundred bucks for reliable equiptment.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Get a 20lb'er. (or 50, but its kind heavy) And I'd buy my tank instead of renting it. If they ask what its for just say brewing beer. (or you are making a laser :) But then you'd need nitrogen and helium also.)

    Veg plant will like it too. But not worth a second controller. Maybe just set it up for a few blast for hee's and ha's

    hippiepudz024 Well-Known Member

    hey my room is 4x4 and i use a ten pound co2 tank. the tank will last in my growroom for about five to six weeks if i turn the tank on for an hour three times a day. It also costs about fifteen dollars to fill one up

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    So that is without a ppm controller? (just guess work?)

    ststepen420 Well-Known Member



    get the co2 pucks

    the shit really isnt that important....if you spend enough time with your plants then they are getting co2 and co2 is naturally in the air at all times so really it is not a necessity

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Sure you just gotta breathe on em once a day, so much co2 in your breath prolly killin the plants with it.

    In all reality unless your PPM levels are in the correct range those CO2 pucks don't do squat and thats why they haven't worked for you and probably why you deem it not so important.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Good point. Plus indoor Co2 levels are about twice that of otside.

    ststepen420 Well-Known Member

    i dont use any co2 except what is naturally available, the man started a thread asking about co2 so i offered him something he might want to look at. I deem it not important because its not and it seems as though you are wasting your time arguing about it because i could care less about you and people who try to impose what they think they know on everyone else. Its not that complicated, get a 6th grade science book and look it up jackass

    ststepen420 Well-Known Member

    right on man atleast you arent ignorant to the world like that other dude. You dont put co2 tanks by tour plants outside do you??? and theres a higher concentration of it inside so why the hell does any one really need it?? answer is you dont

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Well, you don't need the killer nutes, lights, soil, etc. But it all helps.
    People always say 'They don't call it weed for nothing' but thats slang. I guess they don't call it cheeba for nothing either. (whats a cheeba?)
    CO2 is a good thing, but the very last thing to add to an op. (plus its expensive to do correctly)

    But anywhoo, its an easy plant to grow, its a challenging plant to grow well.

    To steal a phrase from the computer/it industry, garbage in garbage out.

    BongJuice Well-Known Member

    Where I live, Outside CO2 PPM levels are at around 200 PPM.
    My indoor PPM levels are around 450 PPM
    The indoor CO2 levels won't do squat for my plants.
    Keeping your PPM levels at about 1500 PPM will make your plants
    grow 1/3 more.
    I get about 100-200 more grams of weed due to the fact that I use CO2.
    I personally think CO2 is necessary for people who grow in small quanties, like myself.
    I grow Hydrponically with an Ebb-n-flow system. I grow 8 clones in a SOG method and I usually harvest right around 500 grams.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    So by your own admission you don't use CO2 at all, because " It's not important". If you actually read that 6th grade book you will find something in there about photosynthesis and you will find out the CO2 is VERY important to that plants well being. And Whats with the name calling? Your not really 12 years old are you? Or perhaps you have a large Ego and anyone who would disagree with you hits a nerve?
    Yep I get a 25% dry yield increase, have used it for multiple grows and have real life experience , but yet somehow I am the ignorant one. Since the environment inside is controlled its fairly simple to adjust fan timing so that an ideal 1500-1600 PPM can be maintained. Which is impossible outdoors due to wind blowing all that CO2 away. Which is of course why no one puts bottles by their outdoor plants. Kinda seems silly now doesn't it?

    Anyway, you Sir, have a wonderful day.

    SelfSupplied Well-Known Member

    What is the solenoid? What makes the dual meter solenoid valve better than say a single meter welding tank valve?

    In other words, what do I need the valve to do?

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    A dual meter will show the pressure in the bottle and also the pressure the regulator is set to.

    A solenoid(valve) is a valve controlled electronically (in a nut shell) It turns the gas on and off.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Without the regulator the gas will come out at very high pressure, enough to rip things apart. Without the solenoid and valve the CO2 will constantly be on, this could possibly cause damage to plants due to extreme levels, but could also harm you if the room were small enough and you were in there long enough. It is heavier than air, so it fills rooms from the bottom up.

    Hydrokronics Well-Known Member

    Im pretty sure this is the best place to ask for the help that i need regarding co2. you seem to be very knowledgable Drama and i a wondering if you could help me? I just purchased a 10Lber and a hydrofarm regulator kit. The distribution tube didnt have any pre drilled holes in it and i am not sure what to do. The instructions didnt say anything, about doing anything to the distribution tube. I need to know how large to make the holes and how far apart to space them. I want to make sure i get this right because i dont want that to be the reason that the co2 doesnt run efficently. I know the holes should be very small but im hoping you have some expirience with the subject and/or could tell me how your distribution tube is set-up. Thank you for your time! :)

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