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CO2 kills spider mites?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Sensay, Oct 26, 2008.


    Sensay Active Member

    I don't know if it was a joke or not, but I read a thread on here saying that you can kill spider mites with a high enough concentration of CO2. Searched the forum, but couldn't find anything else.

    ]Is this true? Please tell me its true. Well only if it really is. Thanx

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    MOST living creatures need oxygen to stay alive..

    It is known that people who use high levels of Co2 in their growrooms rarely get pests..

    Sensay Active Member

    ]Well hell, if thats the case I'll grow with my scuba tanks on! Gas those mini mother f...

    Sensay Active Member

    Does anybody have any info on this?
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    yeah the word is that around 5000-10000 ppm does the trick real nice but you have to have a sealed housing cuz co2 at that level is toxic. . . what you can do is buy the co2 cartridges for bb guns plastic bag your plant up with the co2 cartridge pierced on the inside and seal the bag. do this when it's lights off!!! try it out for a while cuz the mites babies hatch every few weeks so you have to do it till all are dead. hope this helps.

    . . .if not look up neem oil. . .pyrthins (that's spelled wrong), and google "Natural spider mite cure".

    peace out.

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    co2 to kill spider mites is a waste of money... pick up a pyrethrin fogger.

    anotherchance New Member

    better off to do what you can to bring your temps way down cause spider mites are temp sensitive, iv tried foggers before but unless you make contact with them i dont think it will work and they like the undersides of the leaves so thats not going to get to touch them

    anotherchance New Member

    of course if you have an infestation now then temps arent going to help much for this round. you can get predators but they do well at lower temps then mites so either way bringing the temps down is something that you may need to address

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    5000-10000 PPM C02 wont Just kill the spider mites....it will kill everything in your house. Including you and your plants if your not careful.

    And doing it at night would be even worse for your plants, Marijuana uses C02 AND o2...OXYGEN....And it uses even More oxygen when the lights are off and they are not making any.

    In any situation, using C02 to kill spider mites or any other bugs is ridiculous. The best option if you want to stay away from chemicals is a box of Ladybugs from your local Garden Nursery. Ladybugs are predatory insects, they only eat other bugs, and they LOVE spider mights, and the best part is if you have a sealed grow room when the spider mites are all gone, the ladybugs just die off due to lack of food. And also you can use Preying Mantis to control your ladybug population.

    Why use chemicals when nature can do it for you.

    Sensay Active Member

    Thanks for all the responses. One of my small rooms (5x12x8) has them rearing their ugly heads again. I hate using chems and thought this was interesting. The room is already tight except for the intake and ex. If it only took 1/2 hour to nuke them with CO2, I would consider doing it. Am going to look online for lady bugs or other also. Thanx also for the concern over my expenses and well being.

    ]If anyone else has info, please speak up. later

    growinman Well-Known Member

    Sensay! What's up???? You had the borg, huh.......... get it under control? Where you go, Man?? It's called AVID........yes it's a chem.......and yes, when you cant get rid of them fuckers, use it......that will be the end of story if you do it by the book.

    So how's the AreoFlo going??
    ranger 420

    ranger 420 Member

    Hope this helps, ------------If I turn up the CO2 to 1,500-2,000 ppm, will it suffocate the spider mites and kill them? If it won't, what will?
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used by plants as an ingredient for photosynthesis. Plants combine it with water using light as energy. The result is sugar, which is used to supply the plant with building material and energy. Normally, CO2 is found in the air at rates of 350-400 parts per million (PPM) and climbing. When plants are given bright light they photosynthesize faster in the presence of air enriched with CO2. A typical level for bright rooms is 1,500-2,000 ppm.
    CO2 is not a poison gas. We breathe it in every time we inhale and we breathe out a lot more of it when we exhale. When gardeners visit their CO2 enriched gardens they breathe levels five to six times greater than normal.
    Mites breathe oxygen. If the CO2 were turned up a lot higher the mites would be able to breathe as long as there was adequate oxygen in the air. If they were placed in an all-CO2 environment where they received no oxygen for a few hours they would probably "hibernate" in some way. They would have enough of a survival rate to continue hassling your plants.
    Oxygen-free environments have been used for grain storage with mixed results. They are much more effective in controlling rodents than insects.
    There are a lot of approaches to eliminating mites. You can use registered organic pesticides such as Cinnamite, neem oil or other neem oil-based or organic miticides.
    Releasing a full container of carbon dioxide into a sealed grow set-up will kill all mites and insects. But, don't be in the room while the CO2 is being released! It would be enough to KILL YOU! I have seen this technique of bringing the CO2 to 10,000 ppm for 15 minutes to kill all pests. You must vent out the CO2 before entering the room. Two applications, five days apart, will kill all mites, pests and their offspring. ?

    bigbudplease New Member

    OK. I did extensive research on how CO2 can kill spider mites. I read that 10,000PPMs of CO2 will kill bugs and also read 50,000PPM is when it starts to be toxic for humans. Now I ran propane burners, reached 13,000PPM for 4 hours. All mites survived. Eggs hatch at 80 degrees, so yes also millions of eggs hatched. Now I sealed room even better. Ran CO2 at 20,000PPM+ for 14 hours!!!!!! ALL BUGS SURVIVED!!!!! AND ALL EGGS HATCHED!!!!! Now I am using the mite eradicator. Its Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and water. You spray on, let soak 20 minutes, then spritz off with fresh water. It is suppose to kill mites and dissolve eggs killing them too. It has done a number on the mites, the eggs are still everywhere but it did eliminate a good percentage of them.

    SO yeah I read multiple threads on here about CO2 working, be warned.

    DaDabCentral Member

    CO2 does work but there is a trick - the concentration needs to be HUGE (and safe so you dont DIE!!!) - Sooooooo here is what I did and it worked AWESOME - I had webs when I came back from being away for a week and my wife was "watching the girls" - lol) - purchased some leaf bags and went to local beer keg store and rented a 5LB tank of CO2 (Just put down $50 refundable deposit which I already got back and paid $11.50 for CO2 gas fill). -



    PULL PLANTS FROM ROOM ( Sanitize room before you put plants back - Bleach Water, Dish Soap, AzaMax, or some type of mite killer - spray everywhere!!!

    1. Attach a tube or air line to tank (used old tubing from from my fish tank or any other appropriate size tube, wrapped a layer or two of tape so it was snug) then seal it in by wrapping with electrical tape around tube/valve so you have a air line for filling bags with CO2.

    2. I took my 5 gallon bucket with plant in it and placed it in a large leaf bag (black, clear, whatever) and then pull the bag up over the plant (like enclose the plant in the bag top open) kinda wrapping the plant - you are creating a closed environment

    3. Suck the air out of the bag so it is a little snug - you wont hurt the plant at all (I used my lungs but next time I will use pool toy pump that inflates/deflates)

    4.Put CO2 line in top of closed bag and seal off the bag with a string and re-inflate with PURE CO2 - that will put the Parts Per Million (PPM) at like 800.000/1,000,000 - almost pure CO2 .

    5. Wait for about 60 -90 minutes (probably doesn't take that long but that is what I did) and then open bag and put plant back in CLEANED room

    6. Repeat for other plants


    - DaDabCentral

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