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CO2 from a candle?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ScarletteSky, Feb 23, 2008.


    ScarletteSky Well-Known Member

    I have recently read that a good way to supply your plants with CO2 is by burning a candle nearby them. If this is true then would it clog the pores of the plant if the candle was scented?

    blonddie07 Well-Known Member

    you would need a lot of candles to produce a good amount of co2. its a risk of fire... also it will ash up your whole grow room.

    lurker Active Member

    I'm breaking out of lurking to say, please don't do this. Where is the heat from the candle going to go? Where is the smudge/smoke going to go? How are you going to protect the candle from your various fans? How much Carbon MONoxide will your candle produce? To actually answer your question, I don't think there's a simple answer. There is a butt load of scented candles out on the market. But again, take it from a guy who woke at 4 in the morning to his night stand on fire 'cuz he thought his dollar store candle holder was up to the job. Don't leave unattended flames. To be honest, even those butane burning CO2 generators creep me out. OK, back to lurking.
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    joekikass Well-Known Member

    I smell fire !!!

    ScarletteSky Well-Known Member

    lol, good to know all this! Geez, and I was worried about was the smell. Is there any inexpensive way to provide better CO2 for plants?

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    dont do it.
    and no the scented candle will not mask the smell of the plants, either.
    dont do it.

    ScarletteSky Well-Known Member

    I wasn't actually planning on using it until I had some opinion and advice first. It sounded crazy anyway.

    lurker Active Member

    Go to the search page and search on "yeast", you'll get a bunch of hits on DIY CO2 generation threads that way. There is also the baking soda-vinegar method (that fake volcano action gives off CO2). You have to slowly add the vinegar, as it's a very quick chemical reaction. I read one guy who tried a wick system with that - cup of baking soda suspended above a cup of vinegar with a nylon string hanging down through a hole in the baking soda cup. Similar to the wicking watering method. Can't give an eyes on opinion though, sorry.

    Unicks Active Member

    A burning candle does not give off CO2. There's a world of difference between carbon monoxide (CO, the chemical given off by burning material) and carbon dioxide

    lurker Active Member

    No, even though it's instinctive to think burning anything makes Carbon Monoxide, candle burning does produce CO2. From what I've read Carbon Monoxide is mainly only produced when the candle isn't getting enough oxygen. Candle Burning Still, a bad idea for an enclosed environment.

    ScarletteSky Well-Known Member

    Geez that's awesome info! I was just randomly reading through the grow journals when I stumbled across a person using candles. Boy that sucks. I'm so glad I didn't do it.
  12. CANDLES PRODUCE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CO2 & CO , a 40watt incandecent glob produces the same Light as 40 house hold candels , Earth Day Ran into this problem by telling people to turn there lights off they induced people lighting candels witch begs the question will we save by turning the lights of on Earth day Or Not , For the same light spetrum of a 40watt bulb you need to light 40 house hold candels and the CO2 off 40 candels is much higher the turning on your light a 40watt glob = 4 house hold candles in producing the same amount of CO2 , Any Burning point produces many amounts of CO2 BUT PEOPLE GETTING ON THIS form and saying they dont WTF? Bush Fires Burn Yellow / Red / Orange and Bush fires besides Man produces the most amounts of CO2 , Im not disagree about the other gases cos i dont know much about it, But as a Active Green Peace Activist i can PROUDLY SAY ONE Candles In your Grow ROOM will produces More amonts then CO2 then anything on the market besides CO2 Cyclinders An as well Candles are $1 dollar and last for days , Also i have grown for years now and i use one candle in a 3x3 meter room instead of my 1000 dollar co2 set up / But if u have a intact out side and u live in the city there is enough CO2 in the air produced by cars and trucks so dont even bother about Co2 unless u are stealth growing . DSCN2151.jpg

    ShadyStoner New Member

    you could always talk to your plants...

    it will give them extra co2 and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside ( if you talk nicely )

    budski82 Member

    I know a guy that does the vinigar and baking soda, it is a REALLY slow drip and takes about 4 and 1/2 days to empty a gallon jug. Only does this during flowering at the start of 12 on/ 12 off, he said they take in more at night expesially at this cycle (?). His nuggets are always killer, so I cant say it hurt it! I only grow outdoors . His brother runs a resturant so he orders both from him and gets it in quanity and whole sale. Works to 1/10th the price of buying and then supplying any CO2 set up, Hook a hose to the bottle cap of 2 liter soda jug, hang upside down with a hose clamp. Let it slow dip 2-3 times a minute into a large coffee can with 4/5 cups soda (large can), he he does this from lights off till back on. I tested his finished product all the time and if CO2 helps(?) in your grow room. This does release CO2, and certain amount over a set period of time for 2-1/2 months. I grow outside but if I have to move them inside, just have to open a window!! I say it has not hurt his end results in anyway and he said in the 2-1/2 years that he has done this. There is improvement in every stain he has done this to, that he had grow with out it (8-9). I`ve been smokin with him 2 years now, dont know his old style buds from before his CO2 trick. But with a friend growing this octane shit and doing this with a empty soda bottle and coffee can. I would not hesitate to try it if I grew indoors, would`nt tell anyone!! but what the hell??

    Ammastor Active Member

    I love lurkers and like when they pop out of the woodwork to say hello. Reminds me of a good horror movie "BOO"

    I wouldn't use canlde for Co2. As they do not produce enough to take notice to. Unless you were to burn 20 or so of them. and have no way for the air to escape the area you need it in. Really not worth it. In the end the amount of money you spend on candles you could have purchased a Co2 Burner or injector tank system.

    In all reality aslong as you have in comming air from where you live to your grow you dont really need Co2. There is Co2 in the air naturally and we produce it aswell. If you want to increase yields Co2 is good. But not needed if you are a small time grower that is growing for yourself to enjoy. Larger scales its worth the extra cash to buy a Co2 injector system as it pays for itself. But it is not needed.

    HygroSolutionz Member

    So i know this is an old post but just noticed a comment that is proven to be incorrect, budski82 your mate is wrong on the fact the plants use more CO2 at night. Plants don't actually use any co2 during dark (veg or bloom). They do transpire it all out in the first couple of hours after light off while they begin taking in oxygen for hormone producing synthesis, most people i know actually pump the room full of co2 just before lights on (bought to around 1200ppm) then again around mid-day as plants transpire the most through the afternoon. Just another Green Thumbed 2c
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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Pretty much. The photosynthetic process is driven by sunlight. That's not to say that plant processes stop entirely but they slow down quite a bit.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    ...is this the type of question you anticipated post legalization...?

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    i'm no expert but if the stomata don't fully open until 1 or 2 hours after lights on, this seems to be a waste. my co2 turned on 1 hr after lights on and ran 1hr after lights off.

    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    I open up a case of Mt. Dew every hour to increase CO2. All that decarbonated soda comes in handy when it it is time for the bi-weekly flush. I also find that if you chug a few cans of Mt. Dew and then do a couple lines, you can really get shit done and have fun doing it. Do the Dew.

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