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Co2, Dramatic Difference?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by originalstrain, Nov 17, 2007.


    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    ive been growing for a while now got some decent crops going but never used co2 because of the risk of buying a tank and filling it, i think its a little suspicious with me not owning a paintball gun and all! ive seen the alternatives but they dont have that good of reviews on them so ive just done without! is it a dramatic difference when you use it? i know its important i have 1 hell of a ventilation system because i dont have co2 i realize when feeding co2 the air will have to be shut off but how much should i be using on like 20 plants around 3 foot tall and wide? also has anyone been using a co2 alternative that has changed things for them dramatically? thanks

    BuckTheSystem Well-Known Member

    What's up originalstrain? Just wanted to tell you that I went to a welding shop, a place where they sell welding accessories and fill up "industrial" gasses. The guys at these places don't care why you want it, they just want the sale. I was prepared to explain by saying that the "wife" put in a new wet bar down in out basement. We needed a 100% c02 cylinder for the beer we were about to consume. It's the same shit they use behind the bar. The reason I was going to mention the 100% c02 is because there are some places where you may ask for c02 and it will be mixed with some other inert gas. I can't remember the name of that gas or why it is put there but it is done. Lay your worries to rest my friend, they are just happy to have sold a bottle. Most of these shops don't make that much money as far as a retail store is concerned. As far as yield goes, I have also read a lot of scientific information about using. I have no experience with it but so many technical pros can't be too wrong. The cost isn't that great considering the benefits of using it so I'd snatch it up.

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    its like supercharging or adding a turbo....to the photsynthesis process. but you have to make sure that the other attirbutes are equally improved...like so if you add a supercharger to your motor, additional gas, and air and ability to exhaust are also needed. same on the plant side....need to make sure the water and nutrients and other stuff are all there in suffcient quantity to support the turbo-boost to the photosynthesis process

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    I figure the outlay for doing it properly is $1000. Unless there is a passive way to constanly produce co2 cheaply, so you don't care about the other controls. 25% increase is what I have seen as a Guaranteed return if you can raise co2 to the maximum the plants can use. VV

    420muthafuka! Active Member

    mix yeast with sugar water, produces CO2 cheap..... u can buy these at local grocery store.
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    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    has anyone gone from growing without it for a while, to using it? did it change things drastically? i understand that the risk of buying it would be minimal but carrying the tank in and out of my house is my worry. i dont have people over to my grow houses cause of risk. so the neighbors think im a loner theres no way i could be drinking that much beer, plus no kegs are ever coming in and out and i allways think im being watched so... is this yeast and sugar water a reliable alternative, and will i see a major difference?? or should i stick with what im doing now? im averaging about an ounce and a half 2 ounces per plant ( my own strain its a mix between white lightning, big bud, g13, and haze) which is no problem with me i think its a pretty good yield, but i think it could be better... thanks for the help so far:blsmoke:

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    good air circulation will help a lot if you cant keep the co2 level constant. tried using molasses to increase the bud size? with an exhaust fan venting all the air outside the area every five minutes i couldnt see how supplemental co2 could even be that effective. if youre paranoid bring it in at night. put it in a laundry basket with a towel over it.

    BuckTheSystem Well-Known Member

    This may be a good alternative for you man. No worries here. :peace:
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    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    how many plants is that tablet supposed to be used for and how long do they last? it doesnt really say and haveyou used them before? how good are they?

    Jontaidoe Active Member

    The difference is dramatic. I had about a 20% yeild increase immediatly.
    Your Grandfather

    Your Grandfather Well-Known Member

    I use the yeast/sugar/baking soda in gatorade bottle. 15~20 minutes before my fans come on_lights come on a bit later_I give all of the gatorade bottles a good shake and let them release their stuff.

    CO2 is lighter than air, so it wants to float up. Therefore, if you have them at the base of the plant.....

    BuckTheSystem Well-Known Member

    I do believe that c02 is heavier than air.
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    gotdamunchies Well-Known Member

    CO2 is heavier than air so you need it to float down. I an interested in anyones results after introducing CO2 into the grow as well.
    I recently bought a bottle and regulator setup and was wondering if anyone has a formula for how much CO2 needs to be in a room for best results as well. I also got a CO2 test kit and was wondering what kind of level I should be looking for.

    BuckTheSystem Well-Known Member

    1500 ppm is excellent. :peace:

    irish Active Member

    CO2 if increased will dramatically increase yield along with light and h20 I`ve used fermentation and I reccomend it as an alternative. I use a large hose coming from an airtight connection then i put sugar, warm H20 , fertiliser , yeast (wine or beer) , lock it all down cover and keep warm when it starts to bubble I turn on the tap & presto!!!
    EVERY10 GRAMS OF SUGAR U GET 5GRMS OF CO2 (ever tried weighing a gas)
    Your Grandfather

    Your Grandfather Well-Known Member

    Doh. Thanks for correcting me guys.

    Can I blame it on the weed? :)

    originalstrain Well-Known Member

    alright thanks, looks like i should try the yeast thing first, im still scared of buying the co2 so often. i live in a very anti weed city!

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    why add fertilizer? that doesnt make much sense to me. sugar yeast and a bit of water and you should be straight.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I use 20 lb co2 injection systems on my aero grows.I use rooms that are 8 feet by 8 feet by 10 feet.I use the tanks hooked to electric solenoid release valves on timers. I then counter time my rooms air intake and out take vents which have dampers that close whne not in use. Use is based on your room size.Co2 is used only on lights on time.I run my co2 for 2-3 minutes every hour while lights are on to keep the co2 ppm at around 1300-1500 ppm which is needed to achieve the maximum results.I just did a grow without co2 to just confirm what I have learned from using it. I find using the co2 from day 1 of growing in my system it gives me a 30% increase minimal yoeld weight and cuts about 3 weeks off the grow time with better tighter nugs and healthy great plants. My setup can have up to 32 plants but I always run 20-24 plants in there.Get about 1 -2 lbs without it and 3-5 with co2.You have to raise room temps closer to 85 and make sure the co2 air ppm is up above 1300 ppm and preferablly at 1500 ppm. Close all vents and run them every 2 hours right before a new injection to clear old air out and bring in fresh new air in then the dampers close and the co2 reinjects.My co2 setup cost me about $225 total as I got a good deal on some lightly used stuff and a bulk co2 tank buy on ebay. I got 3 20 lb co2 tanks, a solenoid release valave with air flow control,a minute interval timer and some hose.I had my vent fans and just added $25 for 2 dampers.Co2 isnt suspecious as its used for a million uses and you only need 1-2 tanks a month.Figure its used for welding, soda machines, home bar taps,plasma cutters,paintballs,aquariums,ponds,food preservation, and in off road 4x4 setups
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    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    and I just saw in a post above and not sure of the original post but co2 is heavier then air.It will sink so you have it above your plants and a tilting cyclone type fan on slow down low blowing the co2 as it falls back up and over your plants.

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