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Co2 and a Grow Tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Mr.Bob Saget, Jan 3, 2010.

    Mr.Bob Saget

    Mr.Bob Saget Active Member

    I'm looking for someone that has real experience with a grow tent (or small vented grow area) and Co2.

    If you are running a grow tent and a HID, then it is a necessity to run an exhaust fan. Regardless of how it is ducted in you are going to be pulling the air out of the tent quickly for cooling reason.

    Can you still run a Co2 tank system? or is it wasted as the tent is vented to quickly?

    JackRabbitSlim Active Member

    I am also interested in this idea, from what I understand most people running co2 don't run an exahust. Instead they use a portable AC unit and cool tubes to keep heat under control.

    Is this the general consensus out there??

    TCurtiss Well-Known Member

    Yes you can

    I am growing out of a full size fridge about 12 square cubic feet and I use C02 all the time and would not work with out it

    And yes I use a 165 cfm exhaust fan with a carbon filter attached to catch the funny smells

    I am working with a 10 lb bottle and regulator, no fancy electronics here

    Good luck
    Mr.Bob Saget

    Mr.Bob Saget Active Member

    So how do you do it? Does your exhaust run all the time, 24/7? If it is, you are exhaust the complete 12 cu/f in minutes.

    How does this work?

    TCurtiss Well-Known Member

    I have a bottle behind the fridge with a hole through the back allowing a tube to connect to a splitter inside the fridge sending C02 in fans and I have hanging air stones above my plants

    And yes I run my intake & exhaust fans 24/7 for air flow, I ran into a problem last round with mold and once I had the fans running correctly the mold is gone

    The C02 in one the same timer with the lights so when the lights come on so does the C02

    And from Ed Rosethol, you can double your plant size and yield with a C02 enriched garden vs one without

    And from working with and without it you are really missing what your plants can do with the help of C02

    Hope this helps

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