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Club Soda VS Seltzer Water!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ganja85, Jul 2, 2008.


    ganja85 Active Member

    Hey everybody, today i went to buy some sparkling water for my young plants. I never knew the difference between Club Soda and Seltzer Water until today. Club Soda have 40mg of sodium in it per serving and Seltzer Water has nothing in it. So i bet we can use Seltzer Water for sure. What about Club Soda?????????? Is it gona harm the plants????? Or make'em better?????? And remember Any comment helps!!!!!

    BlizzaMan Active Member

    i honestly have no clue but i would guess that salt is bad

    thegrowman Active Member

    I'm not going to lie, I've never heard of using any shit like that...

    so I'll stick around to see what others say.

    ganja85 Active Member

    If u grow indoors, you would spray it on ur leaves and it will saturate ur plants with CO2. But outdoors its useless.

    smokeh Well-Known Member

    why would a plant need sodium? it needs nitrogen for vegging, and i wouldnt give the plant(s) anything within the first 3-4 weeks anyway.

    nitrogen is good for vegging. then if ur gonna swap to flowering u will need phosphorus oxide (P205) and potassium oxide (k20).

    plants dont need sodium as far as im aware of.

    still with ur bottled water, at least the PH will be right.

    ganja85 Active Member

    Anybody else have an opinion?????

    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member

    Interesting...I'll be watching to see if anyone else weighs in

    [email protected] New Member

    i tried them once at the advice of a certain mr. green, noticed no improvement so i stopped.

    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    Well I went through a phase of drinking Scotch and Soda..and am here to say they put all kinds of different stuff in there to inluence the flavor depending on the brand. Some prob be ok and some wouldn't. Back when I used to work at the coke plant they made club soda by filling up the 5 gallon SS premix cans with a garden hose and charging it up with Co2. Most of that product went to bars. Now a person prob use that one just fine cuz it lacking any type of additives.

    Big Wheel

    bcurwi1 Well-Known Member

    your right dont use club soda poisonous for plants but seltzer water is good.... :)

    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member

    How should club soda be applied? With a sprayer or spray bottle?


    vps Active Member

    I'm going to have to try this seltzer water thing.....

    shamegame Well-Known Member

    They are both delicious. Very refreshing alternative to soft drinks or plain water. I don't use them on my plants though.

    ganja85 Active Member

    not club soda!!! Use seltzer water, and use just regular spray bottle.

    stonerboy1 Well-Known Member

    club soda is poisonous. i never herd of it

    GreenSurfer Well-Known Member

    Yes, yes...I meant seltzer water...my bad :mrgreen:

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    i read somewhere that you have to watch how much of the soda you use cuz of the salt build up. it can clog the poors on the leaves. your better off using the seltzer. there is probly some sugar in the club soda that might atract bugs. look in the grow faq to see if there is any info in there about them.

    LOSTCOASTLOCAL Well-Known Member

    You want to use SODIUM FREE seltzer water if you are growing indoor or greenhouse and just as a foliar spray... I think this makes plants blow up... I have used it many times and it's a huge co2 boost that the plants love... But no sodium... SALT IS BAD..... Spray the leaves when it's hot out or in and spray untill the leaves are weighted down and sagging.. CO2 is a heavy gas that does not rise like most gases, it falls... SO not only does this give your plants a great CO2 boost, but it's a workout for them as well with all the added weight. Which in turn is acting like a fan does of sorts.. preparing your stock and stems for the much anticipated weight to come... You watch, on a hot day, your plants will drink many doses of that water and never will they hate you for it.... Do not spray when flowering unless it is a very light mist and the light will be there to help the plant drink and evaporate the excess water... You don't want to overspray and get mold gowing... Most people would say not to spray foliar at all when they are flowering, but you can... Just be careful. All that you have read is tried and full on true!

    Blackdog420 Active Member

    alright folks...i'm at a total loss on the carbonated water deal for plants...yes, club soda's got some shit in it and seltzer doesn't but what good is it for the plants? I have a co2 drip for my ladie's and also have a home seltzer maker that i fill from the same tanks...never heard about the watering thing..I do aerate my water over night..same concept?? enlighten me

    LOSTCOASTLOCAL Well-Known Member

    better idea blackdog.... Take one of your little girls and spray her with seltzer weater and see for yourself....... And to everybody that reads this... Just because it says seltzer water does not mean that it's sodium free....... You have to read the label and make sure the sodium reads 0.... There are plenty of seltzer waters that have sodium in them.

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