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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by cinandme03, Feb 10, 2013.


    cinandme03 Active Member

    Can you take and get a ucessful clone from a plant that's 30 days into flowering with, about, 4-5 more weeks till harvest?
    x iGrow x

    x iGrow x Active Member

    Usually only clone up until the 2nd week of flowering..

    fssalaska Well-Known Member

    I have cloned a plant about 4 weeks into flowering under a 24/7 light and it never switched back to veg the damn thing .. I ended up tossing them :( waste of time I think... good luck

    cues Well-Known Member

    You can but there is a far lower success rate. Only attempt it if you are any good (at least 75% success rate) at cloning normally. Re-vegging then takes time and produces some strange-looking growth for a while. I would imagine it's a lot easier in an aero-cloner etc but I don't have that luxury.

    unlucky Well-Known Member

    ​yes you can 4sure, you can have a plant at the end of budding and still you can chop off all the buds and put her back in to veg, take your cutting and snip off all buds and put her on 24/7 light to start off with, she will have some very funny looking leaves but that will grow out in time ;-)

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    Its has been done

    Sand4x105 Well-Known Member

    I did this exact cloning ... 8 weeks ago...
    the 4 clones I took were from two plants that I did not clone for sex [I do this when starting out a seed plant]...
    These 4 clones I took late were from a bag seed scrawney plant.
    Two weeks back in veg, really strange growth, however, great roots...
    I left them in Veg for another 2 weeks,
    I didn't really have space or time in veg, [18/6], so I put them back into Bud [12/12 room]....4 weeks ago
    They stretched from a 6-8" clone to now a spindley 15 incher...
    I don't expect much, [3 of 4 made the trip], from the three...
    But, WTF, it can be done...

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    You can clone a plant after harvesting, it is just less likely to root and takes time. I would take as many cuttings as possible to make sure you get one viable clone.

    There, fixed that abortion of a post.
    It looks so much better now.

    cinandme03 Active Member

    Thanks e'rybody for the advice. I think I'm gonna go ahead with harvest. I'm in the process of picking 3-4 strains for my next round and am planning on taking clones from them. Since it's my first grow, I don't think I've got the skills to keep a clone alive with the odds already against it. I mean, I can always try but would rather focus my attention on healthy, viable clones.

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