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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Doobiest, Jan 21, 2013.


Years until marijuana is legal in at least 75%of th U.S.A

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    Doobiest Member

    I have a friend with a few plants. He started the flowering cycle at 2 weeks, 6 days. He is attempting to keep the size down on these two plants by starting the flowering cycle at this stage in the growth. He is now wanting to cut a few clones from these two female plants but he doesn`t know when it would be safe nor exactly where the best place to cut from the existing plants. In fact, at 3 weeks he doesn`t have anything to judge or compare his plants with to know if they are healthy, weak looking, etc.etc. so this has all been a guessing game anyway. Any info is appreciated.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RIU. But to be of any help we'd have to have information and pictures. Maybe your friend would like to join the forum, give us some specifics and post some images (not under HPS light). Then we could probably help.

    Doobiest Member

    Well thank you. The questions about the cloning procedure concerning the where and when is my main concern. These are the pictures on the day they turned 3 weeks old that he emailed me yesterday when he asked me to dig up some info for him. I think the plants look pretty good but I have never grown them. I have grown many other plants so when I state my opinion, it`s just a generally speaking kinda thing. I guess he would hate to be cutting branches before he should, or from the wrong place ya know.

    2 of these pics are of the same plant taken less than a day apart. You can see the subtle growth in the top leaves. Anyway, thanks for any advice.

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    kwilli Active Member

    Those are a little too small to be trying to take a clone. Normally you would take a clone before putting the plant in to flower. But you can get away with 2 - 3 weeks into flower. The cuttings you need to take are the growth shoots, the growth between the fan leaves and main stem. The lower part of the plant is better for taking clones.

    Those plant still have a few weeks of veg left even on 12/12, they aren't sexually mature yet.
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    Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga Active Member

    You need a full size vegged plant to take cuttings. Those are way too young for flower or cuttings. Veg them another month.

    Take cuttings from lower branches, lower branches have more rooting hormones then uppers and they root easier.

    And I'm the one who voted "never" on the poll. I'm against legalization only because of taxation. I do not want to pay the government anymore money then I already do. I'm for medical but I'm against dispensaries that profit from it. The only people who should profit on medical or legal fro that matter are the growers. But my vote is based on this nation's history, how politics work and the coming issues that will dominate politics and public opinion. There are only a few states that have a true pro majority, nationally we daily users are only maybe 10-12% of the population. Many of those non-users who say they would vote for some type of legalization won't once they get in the voting booth. Call me a pessimist but I call it keeping it real, and not the Chappelle show kind of keeping it real.

    Best of luck to all of us!

    jaygrowster Member

    Your mother needs to be big heathy. That's not guna do nowt..

    That's not stable strong enough devoleped

    Doobiest Member

    Ok, Another month, and the middle branches at the bottom of the plant. Ok, thanks for the info. Got the book "Growing Elite Marijuana" now also. Wow! This is a society! Never knew there was so much and so many. Awesome!

    bseeds Well-Known Member

    yes i agee with the cloning process,but they should legalize it that way any person can grow there own without problems from the law

    bseeds Well-Known Member

    to small of plants need to get bigger a take lower braches more hormones there for roots to start and between two set of nodes you cut on angle the best thing for you and your freind to do is to watch it on the internet to see how to do it there are a lot of little different things to do to help out your sucees rate personaly i went to a cloning machine and stoped having a lot of problems, rooting is a lot faster, also a good cheap cloner is well worth the money look at clone king.com

    DOMSWOOZ Well-Known Member

    subbd, all has seem to be said, here to see the turn out.:bigjoint:

    Doobiest Member

    Thanks everyone! Great website!

    siteadreo Member

    Ok, Another month, and the middle branches at the bottom of the plant[​IMG]

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