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cloning with bubbler

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by LeRoy JaBluntski, May 21, 2009.

    LeRoy JaBluntski

    LeRoy JaBluntski Well-Known Member

    how do you clone with the bubbler set up and what are your success rates?

    i'm currently doing this and still havn't gotten a goo success rate yet. i use a shoe box size plastic tupperware spray painted black on the outside, a small heating pad underneath on low to keep temps btwn 75-85, and a 5 inch airstone. there are six plants at all time in there. out of the last batch 4 of them rotted after 7 days and the other two are still in there w no roots?!?!?

    nitroman Active Member

    you need more bubbles or you have a ph problem of some sort are your roots beneath the water? and what size pump are you using are you using any nutes all of these are factors on giving you a correct answer.
    LeRoy JaBluntski

    LeRoy JaBluntski Well-Known Member

    i think everything is perfect thats what i don't understand.

    the ph is kept at 6.3-6.5, no nutes although i have tried putting in a diluted rooting hormone. the pump if anything is too big.... remember i'm only using a tub the size of a shoe box. the only thing i can think of was the light was directly on the plants (a 60w daylight cfl) but yest. i moved it so they receive indirect light. the box doesn't let any light in either.

    MickFoster Well-Known Member

    I use the same setup with 100% success rate. I don't use a heating pad, I don't pH the water, I don't use a humidity dome, and I change the water every 2-3 days. Usually have roots in about 7 days. They are put directly under flourescent lights on a 18/6 schedule. Hope that helps.
    LeRoy JaBluntski

    LeRoy JaBluntski Well-Known Member

    what size is your tub?
    i use 18/6 schedule as well. so you only use straight water, light, and the bubbles, and you get 100% success rate?
    LeRoy JaBluntski

    LeRoy JaBluntski Well-Known Member

    come on where are all my people with bubble cloners... i know a lot of people use them

    johndoe134 Active Member

    What Leroy said.. fresh water & bubbles. Cut on a 45º angle with three growing nodes and about two-three trimmed ones (of which I do the day before I cut). Put cuttings immediately in a glass of water and put them in the dark for 24 hours. When in tub dont put cutting in the water but make sure the spray from the exploding bubbles is wetting the stem. Takes about 14 days, 100%.
    LeRoy JaBluntski

    LeRoy JaBluntski Well-Known Member

    wow so how far from the water do you keep the stems.. like 1/4 inch?


    I have tried this method a few times. It is really frustrating cause i have like a 40% success rate. sometimes it works sometime it dont. And i can never figure out why some work and some dont. same conditions but such a low rate? some times seems to work really well.
    LeRoy JaBluntski

    LeRoy JaBluntski Well-Known Member

    thats exactly my prob. i'm at like 20% success rate

    gardenman Well-Known Member

    Here's how i do it.

    I have a 7 gallon sterlite clear container which I have taped entirely with reflective tape. I use netcups and neoprene collars to hold the plants in place. I use distilled or tap water with a ph of 6 constantly. I use 4 airstones that are 16" long. I usually use superthrive and roots 66.

    I cut my clones from 4" - 8" long and skinny stems usually. After the cut i put in a 16 oz cup of water and make another cut under water. I cut almost all leaft except the top two sets. I take as many cuts as needed. then i place in container quickly so no air gets in the stem. Out of 30 i usually have one or two that stem rot but never more. I don't use a heat mat and my light is a 40 watt 4' fluorescent. 2700 lumens i think.

    I would use more than a 60 watt cfl b/c that's not alot of light. also i always put my light directly on my clones. only exception would be if using a hid.

    hope this helps cloning is super easy.

    gardenman Well-Known Member

    by the way i get roots in 7 days and some take nearly two weeks.

    forgive me to repost. kiss-ass

    OneHit Well-Known Member

    try just using starter plugs without the bubbler. Its much easier and Ive gotten 100% success rate. Just cut a eggcarton container and put them in there
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    I do this. I take a coffee can. I poke hole in the lid about an inch around. I take a cutting. I put this in the coffee can with some ro water and an airstone. I get roots in a week or under. This one stain takes longer. It always does. Other don't. I fit like 10 clones in the can, or get 2. I only grow four plants at a time so I am lucky.

    You can also do this. Once you cut take the cut, recut under water. Dip into olivias and rest in the clone jelly while you take the next cut. In a gallon jug mix ro water, 1 tbsp hydroguard, 1 drop superthirve, 10 ml liquid karma, and a magic ingred a few pinchs of indo bat guano for some P. It stimulates clone. Maybe that is bad, their is some N in there after all. I did all this and got roots in the week also.

    I put under a cfl, or a led, or a 400 watt. I noticed it easier I thought in warmer weather.
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    the best is RR, the clone has more support. My secret is to only mist the dome, not the plants then to remove it at day three, then patiently wait. It might take longer but they come.

    crazy7605150 Well-Known Member

    i made the same set up as you exept i had 5 cuttings in there and only one of them didnt root... with mine i use 2inch net pots with rockwool i just cut the clone like they say .45 angle and dip in hormone ... then place in rockwool and put rockwool in the netpot..make sure that the water lever doesnt get to the rockwool or it can cause rot..... what i did was got a spare dry rockwool and placed it like i would if it had a clone .. then filled water with the air pump on until the bubbles barely hit the rockwool then added a tiny bit so they get misted by the bubbles..... u can use plain water or cloning fert... best to use a hummity dome .. i made one out of little metel rods i had laying around and some saran wrap.. they just every day maybe 2 times a day mist the inside of the dome .. not the plants but inside the dome.. if plants get wet oh well but mostly just to get water in the air in the dome... and they should root in a few days or a lil over a week... good luck

    7sugar Member

    my bubbler skills are low too, like 10% I've tried a couple batches n they rot easily its because i was giving them a touch of nutes i feel like just plain water would be easier on them. i use boomerang comeback usually, i have 1 with roots out of 3 right now from a week ago and even then the roots are coming out of a somewhat rotting stem. I'm gonna try just phed water n letchu know on next attempt

    mainliner Well-Known Member

    isn't you water to warm, id have thought it needs to be somewere the same as your main red? I might be wrong

    mainliner Well-Known Member

    oops didnt see the date, just followed the last post, it was his falut
    East Coast

    East Coast Active Member

    add H202

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