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Cloning - The Easy Way!

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by RoyalDanknessCaregiving, Jul 7, 2010.


    RoyalDanknessCaregiving Well-Known Member

    :leaf::leaf:Hello everyone!!

    I use a homemade cloning "machine" as seen below. This is my method and I have a very, very high success rate within 12 days...

    023.jpg 005.jpg

    It simply consists of:

    1- 3 gallon tote with lid
    12 - 2" neoprene inserts
    2 - Air pumps (rated for 10 gallon or greater aquariums)
    2 - 6" Airstones
    1 - Digital Aquarium Thermometer
    1 - Black Air Tubing (>5')

    I used a 1 1/2" boring bit to cut the holes in the lid for the black inserts - arrangement is personal preferance...

    Fill the tub with 2 gallons of tap or spring water and add 1ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. (My tap water happens to have a TDS reading of 127, and a PH of 7.8 and is all good)
    I DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE. NO PH buffers, NO rooting hormones, NO vitamin drops or super teas... NO. NO! NO!!

    The water tempurature should be between 65-68 or so... Anything above 70 and I've seen stem rot. I keep this one cool by leaving it on the floor next to the A/C vent...

    Turn the pumps on and away we go!! I run this for 24 hours before introducing clones.

    While the machine is bubbling away we will prepare our mother(s). This is NOT necessary, but helps.
    It is best to flush the mother plant if she has been fed anything with N in it recently... Let her dry out a bit over the week before you take clones. Once she is ready for another watering, and we are ready to clone, we will prepare an R/O (I'm TLO :eyesmoke:) water solution of carbs and sugars for her to feast on before we slice her up.

    The Recipe:
    1 L Water
    1 ml Advanced Nutrients' CarboLoad or Similar
    1/8 tsp Powdered Sugar

    I always double water my plants. (Start with R/O only, just enough to moisten the soil a bit... Wait a few hours and water with your nute or additive solution...)
    I do this as soon as the lights come on, and the mother is gonna soak this up for the rest of the light period. We will take our cuts once the lights go out... Or just before.

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    RoyalDanknessCaregiving Well-Known Member

    We select a branch that is firm, but not yet woody.
    Here is an example of a good place to take a cutting from:


    Once cut, you'll want at least 1 1/2 inches of stem, give or take...
    If it is too small, you can remove the lowest set of leaves and the subsequent branch nodes.


    Take the cutting and place it in the center of the neoprene insert.


    The stem should stick out of the bottom like this:


    Close the lid and forget about it for a week...
    By the time you get back -



    rd116 Well-Known Member


    RoyalDanknessCaregiving Well-Known Member

    This entire thing cost me around 40 bucks...
    Tote = $4.99
    Air pumps = $19.99 for two
    Inserts = $0.50 each
    Air stones = 1.99 each
    Tubing = $2.99
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    Favre2Harvin Well-Known Member

    Great post man thanks for the pics and list of supplies +rep

    reddogkush Member

    do you leave roots in water?

    ZenOne Well-Known Member

    awesome post man definitely will be trying it out for myself +rep!

    karmeron Active Member

    Why no ph buffers? Is it ok to use some ph down if you want?
    Nordic division

    Nordic division Active Member

    Pretty good information,thanks for the wisdom

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