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cloning in the dark?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bowser22, Aug 7, 2009.


    bowser22 Active Member

    i thought when you cloned you had to keep the clone in the dark for the first little while to promote root growth rather then leave growth. i have a 6 inch clone that i dipped in some horomone then right into some soil i mist her about 2 times a day

    ivebeencanceled Well-Known Member

    Im puuurty sure plants need light to survive.

    DoobNoob Member

    Sup Bowser,

    Actually, no need to clone in the dark. I have found that cloning under a humidity dome and a cheap floro works just fine. The important part is too keep the humidity up high and the overall temps above 80F if possible. I clone using cheap Jiffy pellets and I usually see roots in about 7-10 days. I actually tried leaving the clones under bright lights and found that they wilted my plants almost immediately. Low light and high humidity works every time for me. Hope this helps.

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