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Cloning autoflower strain.

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by no6969el, Mar 18, 2009.


    no6969el Active Member

    Im ordering the bubbleponics system at the end of this week and since im new at this i decided on a autoflowering strain. My main question was if I time it before it flowers.. can I clone a autoflowering plant? I figure I can get 2 bubbleponics system going and just keep switching from one to another placing the clones in from the other one.

    So i guess the main question is can you clone autoflowering plants and also do so; in the bubbleponics system.?

    For reference they are Buddha White Dwarf fem seeds.

    Thank you in advance!

    (I did a search first of course as I try to keep making new threads to a minimum but found nothing on autoflower clone, if there is a thread allready please post link and that would be sufficient for me!)

    DubRules Well-Known Member

    Here's the deal with auto-flowering strains. They have their own set biological clock which tells them when to veg and when to flower. If you clone a part of the plant, it will begin to flower at the same time as the mother plant. Being marijuana plants just like any other, yes, you can clone auto-flowering strains. The real question is "Do you want to clone it"..? Your clones will be young and immature when they begin to flower, making them yield less of a less potent bud. With auto-flowering strains, you want to keep the plant intact.

    no6969el Active Member

    Ok cool, thank you for that information.

    hydrohombre Well-Known Member

    yeah dude your best bet would be to get a regular auto pak and then breed your two best phenos and make your own seeds instead of cloning with autos its making your own seeds i just got a 10 pak of russian rocket fuel and a 5 pack of fem mystery kush both autos and both short stuff genetics i also grabed me a 10 pak of nirvanas bubblelious all for a lil under 100 bucks including shipping at dope-seeds this will be my first auto grow and im reading up on breeding so i can get it right ima have 2 DWC tubs going one with the fems the other with the 10 regular post pics of the White Dwarf i want to try it and blue streak next if everything goes smooth

    hydrohombre Well-Known Member

    wait this is like a year old oh shit

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