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Cloning Aloe Vera ... [Help!]

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Aloe, Feb 5, 2009.


    Aloe Active Member

    :leaf: Hello!

    I would like your help in cloning an aloe vera plant, I haven't found anything really helpful on google and I've been recommended to ask for help in this forum. =]

    So do any of you know how I can clone an aloe vera plant? I've read that I have to cut a leaf of the aloe and leave it to heal for 24 hours and then plant it in a pot but it seems completely crazy to plant a LEAF...

    If you have photos to share or even better; videos that could help me I will greatly appreciate it! Any info on this is totally welcome! =]

    :leaf: Thanks & have a nice day! ;-)

    shnkrmn Well-Known Member

    Well, the leaf is the whole plant. There is no 'stem'' in an aloe vera is there? Most succulents will root like crazy. I think the technique you described will work. Why not just try it? Then you'll know.

    The plants we clone here are very different from AV.


    Aloe Active Member

    Thanks for the information, I suppose I'll give it a go later on although I am still quite unsure about it working.

    Thanks again! =]

    gogrow confused

    its basically as simple as it sounds... break/cut off one of the leaves/blades and let the cut dry out... then put it in the dirt. it will make roots soon thereafter...

    btw: we do have a section a little further down the main page for gardening plants other than mj; i'll move this thread there... it'll take longer, but you will get some better responses there. welcome to RIU, home of the helpful stoners:bigjoint:

    ahmedwali Active Member

    There are lots of Aloe Vera plants in my house.. Clone means grow new from existing? I just take one Aloe and put it in another pot it grew without doing anything hard.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aloe Active Member

    Yes, cloning means grow new from existing or "exact copy" from "original", I guess. ;-)

    So you took just one aloe leaf and planted it in another pot? Did roots grow from the leaf and did more leaves grow? Like if you originally took the one leaf from an aloe vera plant with 8 leaves, did the "clone" grow 7 other leaves?

    Thank you all for your help! =]

    gogrow confused

    i have never tried taking a cutting from aloe; but i have with other kinds of cacti.... for a good while, its just gonna look like a leaf stuck in the dirt, but it is forming roots, and soon enough a lil baby aloe plant will pop up next to it, (from the roots) just as the whole plants reproduce....

    and evidently drying for 24 hrs is enough healing time on the cut...


    Aloe Active Member

    That's fantastic! Thanks a lot! =]]

    I'll definitely try that out ASAP, thanks again! =]

    I was a little pessimistic at first because planting a leaf does sound weird to me but I'm very optimistic now that you shared your experience with me! I really appreciate your help! =]

    gogrow confused

    not a problem at all.... you're gonna get addicted; cacti and succulents are really cool. cactus can make some of the prettiest flowers you have ever seen.:blsmoke:

    bleezyg420 Well-Known Member

    yes, plant the leaf. It will root and become a full plant. It does take a while so be patient. [​IMG]

    those little tikes are from the mother above.

    Yes, it is true that you can propagate or clone your Aloe vera by taking a healthy leaf cutting, letting it heal for about 24 hours, and then inserting it into a small pot filled with a very porous potting mix. Keep the mix barely damp and in bright indirect light for 4-6 weeks until it is well rooted. Then move it to brighter light.
    midwest duder

    midwest duder Active Member

    Aloe Dude-

    Glad you were able to make it over to the "dark side" here. Anyway, I have an aloe plant that never seemed to grow very tall but it does gow new leaves and get bigger. One day I noticed it seemed to be growing a new, smaller plant in the pot. When I pulled on it, it had a small root. I stuck it in another pot and gave it to my mom, now she has aloe! Basically, it seems that this plant should clone real easily. Good luck dude!

    B3NNY IRL Active Member

    yep thats what happened to mine a few years ago midwest. now every year i get around 30 new plants from 1 of the mothers i have.. we have aloes all over the house. will add pics if anyone wants. its actually nearly time to seperate and re-pot them soon...

    jact55 Well-Known Member

    wow when i clicked on this thread i was skeptical of this working, or that no one would have too much info. but this is good stuff. i am gonna clone my aloe tonight!

    T0K3RM4N Member

    aloe vera re roots itself from the runoffs underground
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    the aloe roots so ez i wonder if it would make a good cloning hormone, if anyone knows info on this pm me on it
    maybe the skin is where the hormones are ...........
    sky guy

    sky guy Member

    once you get roots,give it some miracle grow patio plant food.My aloes grew very slow,but once i gave them that,they really took off.

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