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Cloning A Plant In Flowering Stage

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by El Americano, Jun 6, 2008.

    El Americano

    El Americano Active Member

    Can I take a clone out of a plant that is in the flowering stage? I want to make this plant a mother and make clones out of her. Also, my dealer is kind of wild with his grow methods. His Co2 levels are close to 2000 ppm, he told me he has forced a plant to go hermie so he can take pollen out of it and then experiment with them later and making his own strings. Is this legit?

    Here's the plant. He told me it was a Mother's Finest. Looks pretty healthy to me... but I'm a n00b.




    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Yeah you can take the clone(s) . . . it'll take a little longer than the usual and then the veg growth should return to normal.
    No clue on other concern.

    stankers Active Member

    you can take a clone from a flowering plant in the first few weeks of flowering. i don't know what your gonna clone from that plant. it looks like a cola and fan leaves.
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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Getting the clone to root that far along in flower will be more difficult. Particularly if you've never cloned. I pulled some at 2 weeks into flower (right after sexing) and they took an easy 2 weeks to perk up and root and another couple before they had any significant growth. Be patient, they will come around in their own time. Ive never even attempted to force a plant to hermie. sometimes it just flat out happens... sometimes just a little bit at the end of flowering anyway. So... I dont know if thats legit. BTW FDD has revegged a plant after harvest, took a while but it came around.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I took some just as the host plant showed it's very first pistils. The clones took after a few weeks, like 3, then the clones grew top flowers, which are slowly disappearing as the now-in-soil clone has returned to it's normal growth size. It's cool though, cuz' before it switched back to normal, it grew lots of nodes for flowering, which will result in quite a bushy little bitch.
    Your plant(s) look further into flowering than I've ever tried to clone from. Perhaps you could harvest, reveg, and THEN get the clones?
    That's what I've done here.

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    PowerTrance Well-Known Member

    clonging from a flowering plant will give the clone extra hormones that will make that sexy lady absolutely FLOURISH when you finally get it back into veg mode. Then you'll have some WILD branching...

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    This is a fact about the wild branching! I have like 5+ tops on all 9 of my clones. I had to cut some away they were so bushy. Right now its all good bag-seed I had, but this is the last round before vacation and then I will start some dank seeds when I get back:)

    Gimme Active Member

    Can't you clone a single leaf?

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    5 leaves and u have to cut them in half

    weedman112 Member

    iam two weeks in flowing and iam cloning tom. can i clone a clone down the road? any info about cloning will help

    avitas Active Member

    If you clone a single leaf it will rarely root. In the event that it does root it just dies within a few days anyways. Only clip branches that have multiple sites of growth from them (aka nodes)

    WhateverOne Active Member

    No u CAN't clone a single leaf.. u need at least about 10cm..

    goinpop Member

    Thats what she said!

    canefan Well-Known Member

    Lots of questions in here. Yes you can take clones basically up until harvest and reveg a plant after harvest if you leave bud sites on the plant. Cloning in flower is very easily done and achieves vigorus growth when it does finally start revegging. The longer into flower, normally, the longer it will take the plant to root and return to a vegatative state. Also, the success rate goes down the longer into flower you go.
    In answer to the bit about needing 10 cm of a branch to clone? Where in the world did this figure ever show up? Yes you want or prefer a decent size cutting to work with but size isn't as important IMHO as the maturity or firmness of the branch you are using. It is very possible to root a little cutting if the stem is hard enough to withstand the trials and tribulation of the rooting process. The softer the branch (fast new growth which is soft to the touch) the more chance you have of it rotting during cloning.
    Can you clone from a clone? Most assuredly. You can clone from clone from a clone for generations to come. Sometimes during multi-generation cloning you can run into a little genetic drift in the clones. Meaning that you will notice little differences in the make up of future generations, this is not a hard fact, some strains go years and years with no difference in appearance and some show differences right away. I have one strain now that I am in the 12th generation of a clone from a clone, it is growing exactly as the mother did, another strain started getting smaller buds after, I think the 8th generations and I discontinued it after the second smaller harvest. This could have been me or the plant, hard to tell by a layman.
    The only way to become proficient with cloning is to attempt cloning in various stages of growth, making notes of what worked the best for you. Your success will increase and your selection process for where and when to take cuttings will become second nature. The only mistake you can make is not trying different methods and different stages of growth in your cuttings.
    There is no shame in killing cuttings in the pursuit of knowledge about our precious girls.

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