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    my friend has some budding plants that i wanted to clone, but can i clone them now that they are budding, or cud i even clone a but itself?

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    you can put the flowering plant back into veg (not recommended). and no you can't clone a bud.

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    Raekwon Tha Chef

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    I hate to break it to you.......but i just cloned 3 lower branches of a plant that has been in budding cycle for 8 weeks. Their are apparent buds at the top of the clones and the roots grew just fine in a bubble cloner

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    yes thats tire but not a nug of mj

    iBLaZe4tozErO Well-Known Member

    yes thats true but not a nug of mj

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    Hey Chef,

    I would like to see that plants progress. I have cloned at 3 weeks into flower and it took a couple weeks but rooted ok. Than the clone had staggard growth, then I took cuttings from it and they were staggard as well.
    Raekwon Tha Chef

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    As soon as my camera is fixed i will post pics of my grow/clones. The clones aren't stunted in growth; but, when they grow up they often have mis-shapen leaves and the branches grow awkward. This doesn't affect the plant when it is in flowering and I still take clones from the matured clones with fantastic results.
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    This just in... sad news to gurus that say a bud can't be cloned.... They can... I did with great success. I took a bud 7 weeks in, cut (no gel) stuck it in water and in 3 weeks I put it in the dirt. Threw it on 20/4 lite cycle for 4 weeks. It has 3 main branches 18-19 inches high with many sub branches. Threw on 12/12 bam... bud sites all over. it grows vine-ishly sweet and smells great. I'm a true rookie so one of you guys would rock it like aerosmith baby... Someone do it and let me know.... I'd show pics if i knew how. I cain't wait to smoke this bitch... the strian is called "the stuff". Anyone ever heard of that?

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    yes you can. you can clone and time during flower 2 or3 weeks in is the best time
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