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clones right to flower

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Timbit, Jan 15, 2007.


    Timbit Active Member

    hey guys. Can you put clones right in to 12/12 after they take root in the medium or do I have to veg them first.

    robop00p Well-Known Member

    I would veg them til they are about 12 inches min atleast, before you put them into flowering.

    dankciti Well-Known Member

    \first off clones are the clippings from a mature plant.

    ok now mature plants can veg or flower depends on light/nutes the usual.

    so you could flower a clone from roots, it is mature.

    :confused: why would you want to flower a 3-5 inch plant (if its even that big)????:confused:

    what youd youharvest off from all that time and work, :joint: :joint: :joint: 3 joints?? maybe:joint: 4??

    or maybe a phat ass blunt??
    shit i smoke than that at work during the day:blsmoke:

    if you grew where i live it'd be natural, everybodies doin it:mrgreen:
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Hi TIM!

    Yes you can flower clones as soon as they root..

    This can be a very very effective growing technique... Obviously lots of clones with lots of lights and perfect ventilation will greatly help this technique...

    Nutrient levels and pH are KEY as well. Some of the best grows with the biggest harvests are done using this method. Keeping the LIGHTS very close to your plants is KEY.. this will PRODUCE abnormally large buds on TINy plants. CFLs are a JOKE when placed farther than 2 inches from your plants.. and HIDs should be no further than 12 inches... every 12 inches HIDs loose 50% of there GROWING POWER (lumens)...

    and NOW you KNOWM

    dankciti Well-Known Member

    hey Knowm, are you saying christmas trees thats what they always remind me of in the past....

    i guess its circumstantial but ive never seen more than a 1/4 oz cured from that method, and it was the big yielders (BIG BUD and JUICY FRUIT)

    although i am not saying its a bad idea (in fact it is a veryeffective method) i think i just prefer a tangibly structured plant before i bud it...
    (oh yeah and a lot more bud is always good)

    it was pretty cool though the first time i saw one of those 'little christmas trees'

    the method is better if you have a dedicated cloning room for just that purpose. and you cycle in a new batch every 3-4 weeks. i like the method where you have 2 week intervals; half the room starts 12/12 today and in two weeks you fill the other half of throom and the light cycles never end they just perpetuate and every two weeks you harvest half the room and refresh the clones.

    if your really organized and have a dedicated mother (or more mothers) on lots of cfls (24 on forever) then it becomes a cloneing factory....

    sounds even better to me now, i think i need a bigger house.


    dankciti Well-Known Member

    light density on any given surface area is the inverse square of that given light density whenever the distance between the source and destination is doubled..

    meaning theoretically
    IF one sqaure centimeter recieve 1000 lumens and 12 inches,
    THEN that same one square centimeter will now recieve 10 lumens at 24 inches persay

    Timbit Active Member

    Ok guys thanks. I heard that you can flower a well rooted clone without veg time but was not sure. Im looking for a fast turn around rate on 48 girls in a hydro system. I was going to have six mothers in a DWC and take 8-10 clones off them every cycle. What Mr. Known said is what i heard that if I flower them at 4-6 inches the sould finish at 18-24" and produce nice buds. I dont want huge plants, and I was told that if I use this method I should get 1oz per plant.
    This is my second hydro grow, on my first try I got a average of 1 oz some a little more some less on 26-28" plants veg'd for a 4 weeks(Bag Seed,not big plants).

    So with my new method should it work. I am by no means a experinced grower and any help is great

    Oh and I was thinking of using Mandala's Hashberry for my SOG

    M MULQUEEN Member

    Of course you can it just depends on how big you want them to get, it is true they finish in about 6-9 weeks of flowering about 2 foot tall if you root them give them two weeks to get going then bud for as long as they want to continue to grow bud. A hydro plant can veg for 3 months , get to 5 feet flower and end up 8-12 feet tall with 2kg's of bud on them but this requires a lot of room. so clones and a good way to have a few to save room. either way its good fun to research what you can and cant do.
    Top 44

    Top 44 Well-Known Member


    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    yes i did.well i waited forthem to root first then right to 12/12.... nice little buds:hump:

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