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Clones not rooting

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Thor1911, Sep 16, 2010.


    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    I cut a few clones on the 1st, now its the 14 so in two weeks all I've noticed is the stem has changed texture a little bit to a pale and has little bumps.

    I cut at a 45, then cut again underwater to ensure no air buble went in the stem. Then directly out the water I dipped them into rooting powder. I have them in jiffy pellets, originally I had them in a container with 1in of water so the bottom of the stem was still submerged. I was told not to have them sit in water like that, so I cut a drainage hole in it. I have a heating pad under it, temp 75-80. I mist three times a day. Every 5 days I pulled a few out to see whats happening then I rediped them in the powder.

    Any ideas why they've not started to root?

    fraiserblaze Active Member

    Wow sounds like you got problems. Sounds to me like they might be drowned do you have any pics ? One time I had cuttins I kept too wet and I llost most of them they will just rot instead of root if their too wet all the time I only ever misted once a day and had good results with that if you took your clones out of the pods you had them in to check for roots there is a good chance that being disturbed like that might kill them weather re-dipped or not (sorry not tryin to be the bearer of bad news)....is your container covered ? If so I would suggest takin the lid off for a half hour a day to let some moisture out were theyt takin while in veg or flowering cycle ? I've seen 3 weeKs waitin for roots to show in flowering clones. So don't give up ...... Cuttings can be fussy but once you get the hang of it you'll be laughing best of luck hope I could help keep in mind this is my oppinion I'm sure there are peiople who would disagree with me but what I know works cuz I've done it my self
    All the best
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    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I cut them when the plant was flowering, they have little baby buds on them. I just removed the very bottom stems and cut them into little 3-4in clones. They're in a dome, my humidity reader said its 90-99% lol. They're two weeks old and look healthy still, only one leaf on one of the clones is yellow. I just took the dome off and misted them because they looked dry, I sprayed them a few hours ago also.

    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    Relax for a few days. It even takes around 10 days in an ez-clone machine. I'd suggest getting rid of the heat mat. I had one, and it killed $300 worth of seeds. Keep the growing medium moist, but NOT wet. Too much water, whether in the medium, or sprayed on, makes it so the little plants don't have to work to grow roots. They grow roots to find water. Make sure everything you use is ph balanced, and never ever use distilled water. They actually like well water not run through a softner more than anything. JMHO.
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    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    Alright, thank you guys for the advice. I'm going to go remove the mat now. I'll reply in a few days on the status of these little ones.
    +reped both you guys :).

    I just got a little impatient with the clones because I've seen a few guys on the forums go "Look at my clones 8 days in" and have root systems big as f lol and my clones are two weeks with nutin! But I'm sure they'll root else they would have died already lol

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    Alright, took the dome off lastnight misted them, woke up this morning and they were shriveled up raisins.. I misted the hell out of them and put the dome back on, going to see if theres any life in them

    ClosetJungle Active Member


    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Lol jesus man. They are taking a beating....

    OK here is what i did from research..

    Firstly some comments that others made were good. But here is my tupence..

    1/ Don't have them too wet this will only rot the bottoms.
    2/ Don't let them dry up they will only shrivel and die....
    3/ use your heated pad but raise up the clones so they are not in direct contact through your heated propagator. Use some timber to raise them up and inch or 2.
    4/ Make sure they get some ventalation daily. Stale air will stunt them from trying to produce roots.
    5/ keep light on them 24/7
    6/ don't over mist them, you want then to kickstart into growing root and if the leaves are constantly wet they are folar feeding.

    And finally..

    7/ patience my friend....

    Hope this help'd


    303 Well-Known Member

    Whats the temp in the dome? Gotta keep those roots warm!

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    If these clones don't work then I'mm go buy this in a few days, thanks

    I'll stick to your list and hopefully they will survive, thanks. I don't want to buy new seeds lol

    78-80. Humidity 80 - high 90s

    Update: I sqeezed all the water out of the pellets and misted lightly, put dome cover on and they're perking up :). So hopefully all goes well, I think they didn't root because the pellets were saturated and I was misting them so heavily(3x a day)

    fraiserblaze Active Member

    Wow man. How long did you keep the dome off ? I'm hopin that they bounce back for you basically the advice given is all sound advice personally I would leave the heating in place you need to keep your temp up. I would say if you didn't loose them yet you still have a chance don't give up man have paitence. Even if you loose some there is a chance that a few will pull through in the beginin of my own cloning adventures I have seen half a tray of cuttings just wilt away it can be discouraging but have paitence rooting clones is a art and I learned through trial and error I'm sure you will get it best of luck

    miteubhi? Active Member

    Keep the dome humid, but don't mist so much.

    The plant takes in water from the leaves readily, and if it begins to rely on it it will stunt root growth.

    Keep it green.
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    I'm going to give you the best advise so far and please don't take it the wrong way. Quit fucking with them so much, pulling them out and repowdering will cause major stress.
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    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    I've takin all of your advice and have been applying it, the clones look a lot better and I believe no doubt they'll root. I'll slap some picks up later tonight, going to a bbq now :D

    Much appricated to you all
    +rep'ed :)

    @blaze - It just happened over night, prolly in about 9hours lol

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    If you have little white bumps then you will soon have roots, leave them alone and let them do their thing.

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    I just bought this, having a fucking headache with these clones lol. Stressin to much and just pissed. Hopefully this treats me well :). Do you do anything special besides cut, dip, then put in?

    Imaulle Well-Known Member

    those pellets aren't very good to use IMO. it's very easy to over saturate and exclude oxygen. they need oxygen !!! you want to keep the medium just lightly moist

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I try and lightly sqeeze as much water out as I can, last time I'm using jiffys for clones. Jiffys only work great for seeds lol

    fraiserblaze Active Member

    Glad to hear their doin better ........ Keep us informed ...... May the weed gods smile down upon you

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah lol. Two out of four rooted.

    I put one in a areoponics thing and the other in soil. Roots are there but leafs on plant are all dead lol, I see a little bit of new growth on one of the clones but hasn't grown much in a few days. Its jsut 2mm long little leaves starting

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