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Clones not rooting! Is light too stong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by NuggLover, Sep 2, 2007.


    NuggLover Active Member

    Whats up everyone, I took about 4 cuttings about 2 weeks ago and Im now sure they are Gonners!!!! :confused:
    I had them under an eight lighted T5 with all the Lights running. All lights are running cause I am currently Vegging a Few other Plants that are pretty Mature. I had a buddy suggest that it possibly could be the T5 giving he just had an 8/8 success for his cuttings last Month only using a tiny Flourescent Light.

    Has anyone had any experience with Lighting being too strong for the clones or if anyone could help????

    ....would be very apreciated,
    Thank You

    cloudflyer Well-Known Member

    I'm going to take a stab and say you are using rockwool cubes. They have to be PH balanced before use. Did you use rooting gel?

    NuggLover Active Member

    Rockwool, Yes.
    Rooting Gel, Yes.
    Ph, Negative :-|
    I know the water here is not over 7. though. Should it be Lower?
    Ever heard any specifics on Lighting?
    Thanx :joint:

    cloudflyer Well-Known Member

    When you first buy rockwool cubes the are up at 9. You have to balance them. Your PH should be between 5.5 and 6.5.
    What do you want to know about lighting? There is no such thing as to much light, just to much heat. But in that stage they only need 250-2500 lum

    bifter Well-Known Member

    Easiest way i have found is to use a heated propogator ,put it in a window sill and away you go,gives just the right heat and humidity which is what clones need to root more than light

    hope this helps Bifter :joint:

    Home_Grown Well-Known Member

    Too strong of a light early on in the clones young days can be harmful.

    wutter Well-Known Member

    I'm just a newb at this but did you clip them properly? and put the little ridges on the side? just some stuff i read a while back.

    NuggLover Active Member

    yea, Ive heard of using some sort of heating pad.....thinkin about it....I do live over here in So.Cal...PalmSprings Area, I really think leaving them on a 100+ degree window sill might not be such a great Idea at the Moment:mrgreen:

    NuggLover Active Member

    yea Im starting to think this might be the case.
    Had a Buddy who had some Trial n Error with using the T5 compared to a small Flourescent mounted to those 7in. Green house Domes.
    I just had a go again with about 20 more cuttings......Ill try lower lighting.

    Anyone out there know the Exact Temp. for cuttings to thrive?
    Thank you, :joint:

    tokingtiger Well-Known Member

    I just bought a new thermostat from my local HydroFarm store and my clones are 75 now all night long. In summer i was hitting 90% success but a couple cold nites and i started loosing 100%. I also had a defective PH tester, i now use the 3-4 drops and little vile. They have not rooted yet but are looking much stronger. I read in a few places you dont really want high light either, You want the plant forming roots more than spending energy in the leafs. I actually took the light off the top, it was only 50watts of 5k cfl but i think i get enough light from the veging plants right next to them.

    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    Yo git under a humidity dome?

    The first few days till they're rooted~

    High humidity and low light~

    DrFever New Member

    first of all when cloneing in rockwool you need to prepare it

    Step 1 = at your local hydroponic store theres a tray you can get that will hold the cubes place rockwool slab 72 cube tray into this screened tray

    Step 2 = fill your bathtub up about 1/4 full or what ever and ph water down to 5.8 to 6.2 place complete tray submerged into tub for like 3 mins

    Step 3 = drain tub and lift tray get a 5 empty cups and place them under tray so rockwool will drain leave it like that for 3 hrs or so

    Step 4 = set your tray into another solid bottom tray mist dome and place under lights for 24 hrs

    now you are ready to take cuttings remember get a toothpick to make a little deeper hole in them cubes when placeing cutting in cubes pinch the rockwool as to close it on top

    keep everything steril cut leafs of cuttings in half as there not so top heavy

    good luck

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