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clones in humidity dome

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by grandpabear3, Apr 25, 2008.


    grandpabear3 New Member

    so my clones have rooted well in the humidity dome on day 15 but i am no where near ready to transplant to the veg chamber. so...
    1. is the dome just for root developement?
    2. can i leave them in it for a few more weeks?
    3. how long is too long?

    i have a cool cab dwc set up so extra long roots are no prob but there just arent any open spots for them yet. this wont be a prob next run cause i built a flowering chamber but for now i have to let the girls finish where they are.

    there is still plenty of room for them at the top in the cloning chamber i just need to know if i can leave them in there for a while . i guess i'll start feeding them 1/2 strength solution. but the way its going they will beready to clone again by the time i cut the current plants .
    any help is appreciated!

    mr.man Well-Known Member

    carful when you take them out of the humidity dome because they might go threw a little bit of shock and it may get mildew i know this dont answer your question but still its advice

    after 2 1/2 weeks of them being in there send them to the veg chamber, because at the middle of week 2 they start to go into vegie stage around day 17-20

    make sure before you transplant the roots arnt too long, i left mine in a pot too long the other day and ripped half the roots off

    Grow4tho187 Well-Known Member

    Domes should be taken off after 2 weeks cuz its only ther so the humidity waters the leafs and at 2 weeks the roots are developed so u can just water it as a plant threw the dirt not as a baby clone eny more , hope this helped u

    daisy2687 Well-Known Member

    Take it out of the humidity. Grow4tho has it right

    jsgrwn Well-Known Member

    you dont need a dome in cali, i have never used one and only los 7 clones out of hundreds. late

    grandpabear3 New Member

    thanks to all of you for the help i just finished up round three and am more than pleased with myself these days.

    zip Active Member

    That answered my question thanks

    grandpabear3 New Member

    wow man that was a 3 month old post.....you really went searchibg for that one.

    abyway glad we helped out :-P

    YoungClover Active Member

    And of course it would answer my question 3 months after that. lol

    Exodus434 Active Member

    And mine a year and some change later ;)

    What i was actually wondering about was once i have roots (THey are about 1/2" to an 1 1/2" Long) Can i leave the humidity dome off of 4 /4 Clones rooted Saturday will be the 2 week date so about 9-10 days showed roots

    Question is should i keep them under there or move them into my Veg Chamber?

    Guess it does not hurt to keep them there till saturday i just wanted to know because it always worries me that they will not get enough air when im not around to open it.

    Hupomone Active Member

    Was just googling this question also. Awesome.

    BlazedMonkey Well-Known Member

    Ive used domes before on seedlings and its worked but i was wondering, if i am trapping all the H2O wont i also be reducing the amount of CO2 the plant can get??

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