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Clones by mail?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bluedreambaby, Jan 27, 2013.


    bluedreambaby Member

    Is it possible to order clones from a breeder, just like you would with seeds, and get them in the mail? If so, who does it, and is it worth it?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    You're kidding, right? Seeds barely make it using stealth shipping.

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    Shipping clones would be a bad idea even if you are a medical user.

    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    those sniffing dogs would smell a clone ten miles away. Bad idea.

    slump Well-Known Member


    sparkyj Active Member

    Next day ups/FedEx, shipped in a poster tube ....clones should be in a small rock wool cube, soaked and wrapped in plastic....risky but I've seen it done successfully.

    bluedreambaby Member

    Ya, that makes sense. I was just curious and trying to explore ways to get new kickass genetics in the middle o' nowhere. Thanks!

    shagalicious Active Member

    i've heard of guys paying 10,000 for a cutting
    this is the cheapest, safest way i know of ( pulled from here http://sensiblecolorado.org/medical-marijuana-patient-faq/ )

    With medical marijuana permitted in 16 states, it is often confusing what other states, if any, permit Colorado MMJ registry cardholders to use the medicine their doctor recommends. In fact, every Colorado MMJ registry card states that it is “valid only in Colorado.” This issue is further clouded with the rumors that various airports allow medical marijuana cardholders to fly with their medicine (Oakland, LAX, DIA etc.).
    First: a little clarity on airports. Currently, it appears the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) position is to refer all marijuana related incidents to the local authorities. In states where medical marijuana is permitted, many patients find success flying out of their local airport with their medicine. However, other patients are not so successful.
    Traveling across state lines with an illegal substance is extremely risky for a number of reasons. Interstate drug trafficking, by its very nature, stokes the ire of the federal government; not to mention, TSA officials are federal employees and technically could refer you to federal law enforcement authorities. Some state drug laws also include harsher sentences for bringing in drugs from out-of-state. More importantly though, medical marijuana is not legal in most states and even in the states that do permit it, only a few recognize a Colorado MMJ registry card. Patients are routinely arrested in states that permit medical marijuana, but do not recognize out-of-state medical marijuana registry cards.
    Some states, like Rhode Island and Michigan do permit Colorado medical marijuana patients to use their medicine, provided the patient is in possession of their Colorado Registry Card and follow the limitations of that state’s medical marijuana law. Arizona law protects out-of-state registry cardholders from arrest, but prohibits them from obtaining their medicine at any state licensed business. In short, each state’s law is different, and it’s crucial that patients learn these laws before travelling
    Below is a list of the states that recognize Colorado medical marijuana registry cards. It’s worth noting that laws change routinely, so please read the most current versions of state laws before you try to bring or buy your medicine there.
    States that Provide some Protection for Colorado MMJ Patients
    Arizona, Delaware, Maine, Michigan, Rhode Island

    States that Do Not Recognize CO MMJ Registry Cards:
    Alaska, California, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon*, Vermont, Washington,
    District of Columbia

    *Out of state residents may apply for state MMJ registry card
    Goon Moblin

    Goon Moblin Member

    If you rep me, I'll tell you.

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