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Clones and Fertilizer

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by lock, May 30, 2009.


    lock Member

    What is the best fertilizer to use on my Indica CLONE.

    She has one root that poped out of the cub it was placed in. I placed her in dirt afterwards. Her leaves are turning a lighter color but still not drooping. She is also still showing pistols even on the new leaves. I have her under 24 hours of light with two T8 flourescent bulbs and one 60W plant grow bulb that i got from Walmart.

    I am a first time grower and am in dier need for some advice.

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    ViRedd New Member

    OK, so what kind of "dirt" did you place her in? Is it a good soil mix with lots of nutrients in it, or just the dirt from the vacant lot next door?

    lock Member

    it is just some 3 dollar walmart brand potting soil? should i repot or just go straight to a certain kind of fertilizer?

    I used it for my very first plant that is now about 2.5 maybe 3 feet tall. She was the only one that sprouted out of 50 seeds and just turned out to be female no clue what strain she came from but she is in to her 2 week of flowering and i can see the white pistol hairs starting to show. i have 3 lights on that one 12/12 like i read and she seems to be doing fine, nice and green. and still getting taller?

    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    Dont overdo it early on with food, I use a real mild food at 1st, the 1st feeding even being the same olivias cloning solution they had during cloning, real light. I just dont like to throw too many changes at them all at once. After a week in the new soil I will get more normal on the feeding. Not knowing too much about your soil thats all I can add to this.

    lock Member

    I also have a none known female growing. she is in her 2nd going on 3rd week of flowering how long till she is ready to be harvested??

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