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Clones 18/6 or 24hr????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Ratty696, Nov 22, 2007.


    Ratty696 Well-Known Member

    Hi there. I have cut 13 clones. They have not rooted yet, I am rooting them in water due to recent failure useing peat pellets. My question is should rooting clones get light 24hours/day or 18/6??? Thanx in advance.

    chromer Well-Known Member

    Personally, whenever any of my plants are under flouro's (which i assume your rooting clones are) i always use 24/0... and only 18/6 if they're veggin under an HPS... doesn't have to be intense light for clones, just a few CFL's or T12/T8 do a nice job @ 24hrs light.

    Ratty696 Well-Known Member

    Thanx man. I just have them under 2 cfls, just didnt know if they needed dark for rooting.

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    24 hours for clones.

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