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Clone with spider mites ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by indicantonio, Nov 11, 2012.


    indicantonio Active Member

    Hello Rollitup!

    I am currently going thru my first grow in a 4x4 tent with 8 plants starting from seedlings. Today I stopped by a dispensary that at the time had clones and I decided to add a new lady to the grow. The clone supposedly is "Jack Herer x G13". I really did not inspect the cutting before purchasing it " I was too excited that I bought an 8th of UK Cheese and Super Lemon Haze" but once I got home before I put it in the tent I inspected it and found these tiny white spots / discolorations. I was searching for different nutrient deficiency's and pests online and the closest symptoms that I have come upon would be spider mites. I have really searched the cutting carefully and have not found any critters but don't want to infest my other ladies until RIU lets me know whats up with these discolorations.

    Attached are some closeups of the discoloration.



    Thank you RIU!
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    You can dip your clones in a solution of soapwater. A TBS of dishsoap in a gallon of water. Just turn the clone upside down and dunk it in right until the rockwool.

    Or if you like buying things, you can get something like azamax.

    indicantonio Active Member

    I sprayed the clone down with a very diluted dish soap / water solution. So you would say those are "symptoms" of spider mites? Makes me sad for buying the clone, makes me happy for diagnosing it corretly. hehe

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    i always put them infected clone in a box with a NO PEST STRIP and seal the box for 24 hr. after hold them upside down and wash them dead mite and eggs off with very light dish soup water. you can get no pest strip in home depot for $8 last for months. hang couple in your tent also

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    u should see little mites and eggs in back of them leaves. u washed them already but u might still see some. they stick to back of them leaves like glue!

    indicantonio Active Member

    I just whipped up some CFL's and stuck them in a cardboard box and just soak them in dish soap solution and see how it evolves. Still haven't found any spider mites or what not.

    Tomorrow I'll probably dip the cutting completely into some dish soap water and then judge if I should put it in the tent with the other ladies.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Bro i see no evidence of spidermites on that clone and it looks healthy. Stop the sprays or you will stunt/kill it.

    slowbus New Member

    I like to mix the dawn soap in a spray bottle and make sure there is a soapy,bubbly,lathered up good type of thing going on.Till it looks like a kids bubble blowing soap mixture
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    spots in the first pic look like spidermites. That's the trouble with dispensary clones. 75% of them are going to have something wrong with them, be it PM, mites, etc. Not all dispensaries know how to grow, but they will all be willing to sell clones if it puts more money in their pockets.

    I even treat my in-house clones with an azamax dip, just as a preventative procedure. Soap solutions are generally safe and will definitely do less damage than unknowingly putting an infected clone in with the rest of your crop, IMO

    indicantonio Active Member

    Thanks for the advice, I don't know if these close ups will help.


    SUPER CLOSE UP 2.jpg
    I still have it under "quarantine" under some CFL's.

    mak Active Member

    yep its mites,spraying should be every 3 days,so u can kill new mites from eggs.

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    mites... im telling you buddy put it in a seal box with a no pest strip for 24hr and wash plant after.

    Ecips Active Member

    Do you have a microscope 60x ?
    I have the same kinda looking leafs , I have no mites I looked over the past few days!
    I think this is a water burn or low temp burn imop
    im going through the same ish right now , mine are seedlings ,
    and there's nothing on my clones ! Wierd ?
    Here is what mine look like
    [​IMG]sorry for the thread jack :) it looks like the same thing
    if any one knows what's up !
    Good luck

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    maybe u washed them off already. if u don't see any new mark in couple days then u should be fine. they are looking pretty healthy!

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    u using coco or what kinda soil?

    Ecips Active Member

    I'm using empire builder soil ( like supersoil )Roots organic and big city soil ( also a empire soil )
    The big city has peat coco pearlite ( it's a hydro mix )

    So I mixed mostly empire builder with some roots and big city !
    My nutes are organic no salt buildup. ( earth juce gro ) 2-1-1 and I use aged sea kelp

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    plain ph 6.5 water

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    This is exactly correct. Whenever you bring plants in from outside, you risk infecting your whole operation. They need to be put into isolation sealed off from the rest of your plants for at least a few days and treated.

    I use Forbid 4f because it kills mites and eggs whenever something is introduced into my house or, like clown said, with my own rooted clones just in case. You can get forbid in small amounts on ebay for $15 - $20. Its a very good deal because 1ml makes a whole gallon. It's also good for severe infections. It completely wipes them out if you spray once during vegetative. You only have to spray the tops of the leaves. It kills right through the leaves, eggs and all. Cant use them on budding plants though.

    indicantonio Active Member

    Hello again

    Ended up killing the clone, I'm pretty sure that I was able to kill all the spider mites with dish soap solution but I really did not want to risk having spider mites in my first grow.

    Thank you for your advice :)
    Rusty Shakelford

    Rusty Shakelford Active Member

    As another poster suggested, put a HOT SHOTS NO PEST STRIP in your veg room. It will kill every bug in the area, and continue to kill them after their eggs hatch in a couple of days.. You can then leave the strip in the room or bag it up for later use, or if you plan to be in the room for a while.. I have only had one instance of Spider Mites, and they too came from a Dispensary Clone.

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