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clone prices

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cerberus, Dec 2, 2009.


    cerberus Well-Known Member

    general question: whats the price of a clone going for these days? rooted in a bubble cloner A+ genetics. dispensary price and street price, please specify which your quoting.

    I though this might be some good info for people to know around the country.


    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    It really depends on a lot of factors. If you walk into a dispensary and pick up clones for $10-$15 but they suck balls in my experience. If you get to know some people in the business or you make some contacts you can pick up some solid cuts, but expect to pay a few more dollars.

    If you catch a cutting of something truely awesome and special you might have to pay $500.00 for it. It's really all going to dpeend on what you are tying to get. If you want something called "Bubba Kush" from a dispensary it's probably not Bubba Kush or Fire OG or whatever bullshit name they put on it.

    Now if you can get in contact with a vendor somehow and get a cut directly from them at least you have SOME reason to believe the shit is real. The dispensary's are generally garbage for getting quality cuts.
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    cerberus Well-Known Member


    thanks for the info, I figured dispensaries would be bottom shelf, like any box store setup.

    anyone else with some knowledge?
    Mr.Therapy Man

    Mr.Therapy Man Well-Known Member

    Hell Ive got plenty of clones Id give away,I just dont trust anyone.I could turn out hundreds a month just to turn people on to good genetics.Maybe my state will go med in the future but the deep south is retarded.Ive got 40 JTRs and 50 SBs now ready for flower.....peace

    blaze1camp Well-Known Member

    well if it ever does im in the south and in need some good genetics...

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