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Clone Lights & Schedule???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Ricks929, Aug 8, 2010.


    Ricks929 Active Member

    I have 15 clones alittle over 1 month old & are about 1' tall. Right now theyre under T8 bulbs that are 32W each & 2800 Lumens each. I also have 2 seperate grow rooms, 1 for Veg w/ a 1000W MH & 1 for Flowering w/ a 1000W HPS. This is my 1st time cloning & everything looks good so far, the plants look very healthy & are starting to grow faster. My question is when should I switch to the 1000W light & which light should I put the clones under, the 1000W MH or the 1000W HPS? I just took alot of clippings & need to start these new clones asap. If the older clones need to stay under the CFLs longer then Im gonna need to buy another setup so I have room for the new clones. Thanx

    xxxcmackk Active Member

    i would switch now if your clones are growing good ..put them under the 1000hps to veg and use your other room for the new clones....i dont grow indoors but my buddies do and they use 1000hps rite from 1ft tall until finished..

    Ricks929 Active Member

    Thanx alot dude. Right now I have almost 20 plants outdoors but sinse I live in NY I dont have enough time to get these 1' clones outdoors & I need to make room for another 15-20 clones under the CFLs. I was pretty sure that w/ clones you basically skip the Veg stage & the MH lights and go striaght to the HPS bulbs. So I will put them under the HPS tonight but should I start them at a 16/8 or 18/6 light cycle till they get to the height I want them & then switch them to 12/12 when I want them to flower?

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