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clone from flowering plant

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Phyzo, May 28, 2007.


    Phyzo Active Member

    Was wondering is it possible to clone a plant thats in 7 months in flowering phase?

    _forbidden_ Well-Known Member

    You can yes.

    The clone will need to be switched back to vegetative light cycle though.

    It causes alot of stress to the plant and rooting can take up to 3 times longer
    than if you took the cutting from a plant not in the flowering stage.

    You can read this - http://www.rollitup.org/view.php?pg=faq&cmd=article&id=194

    Which pretty much states what i have just written.

    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    That plant got grey hairs yet? :lol:

    Cuttings from flowering plants are notoriously difficult to get to strike, but it can be done. Hedge your bets by taking as many cuttings as possible. Use a heatmat.

    You'll have to reveg whatever you get to strike per _forbidden_'s information, which takes quite some time- can be 6-8 weeks and a couple of passes of pruning back to get proper vegetative growth back, but it'll happen.
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    jayhorsman Member

    can you take a clone from the flowering plant and just keep it in flowering instead of going back to vedge

    Punk Well-Known Member

    No, there's no roots to carry it through flowering.

    Supgee3 Well-Known Member

    a typo or what? 7 MONTHS flowering??? the weed would have rotted and the plant would be long dead.... do you mean 7 weeks?

    jonnypotseed Member

    it has to be seven weeks

    NBKA Active Member

    So in a nut shell, If the plant goes back into veg, cycle I can take clones from that, but it may take a while for them to sprout roots?

    siin82 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering about the 6-8 weeks time estimate - is this from personal experience?.

    I have two clones that were taken from a plant that was 2 weeks into flowering. The clones had (still have) very small buds on them. I'm cloning using root-2-gel, which I've used before successfully. Last time, it took 17-19 days for roots to start with root-2-gel. I've had these clones in root-2-gel for 31 days, still no roots. Although, they look like they want to start roots - the stems are bumpy and look like roots could come out at any minute.

    By the way, clones are in a clear water pitcher with cellophane wrap over the top under 24 hour CFL light. This is the same method I have successfully used in the past, so I know it works.

    Question is, it's been 4.5 weeks. Do I really have another 1.5 - 3.5 weeks for these things to start rooting?

    marcoze Well-Known Member

    i know im bringing this thread back from the dead but youre doing alot wrong to not get rooted clones in 31 days. Is the lower half of your "clones" blocked from all light? If they arent, they can still sustain life through the water but will usually not show any roots due to light clipping being very evident.

    Block that bottom off from the light and see what happens. I use 1.99 rooting powder and ghetto ass shit and i get roots in 4 days every single time regardless of strain. Not a typo i did say 4 days.

    Buddreams Active Member

    Average is 8-14 how are u getting roots in 4 ? :P

    thomas12404 Active Member

    He is that good, he's like Chick Norris!

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